NBC's Brian Williams Obnoxiously Presses Rubio About GOP's 'Rape Debate'

Brian Williams wasted no time, on NBC’s live Tuesday GOP convention coverage, in bringing up the Todd Akin controversy, as he pressed Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio if he was worried about the “rape debate” surrounding his party. In fact, all of the NBC Nightly News anchor’s questions were negative as he pestered Rubio about the “closed-in” nature of nominee Mitt Romney and the “language” of the GOP’s platform.

The following are all of Williams’ questions to Rubio as they were aired on NBC’s live August 28 coverage of the Republican National Convention:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: I want to ask you about your party. You, I’ve watched you on television for days, talking about this gathering and, and being a proud Floridian. Are you happy with the tone and tenor of the conversation, right now? The rape debate got out of control, went several days. Is this where you want it in the big tent business?


WILLIAMS: You do have the job, the honor here of introducing Mitt Romney. It’s a transparent age. Be honest, should we know more about him already? Should there be this great a need or is he, do you think a closed-in person by nature?


WILLIAMS: Back to and about your story. You have a great American story. Your American story begins south of here in Cuba. Are you happy with the language of this gathering? You’re also in the business of telling to the other young Marco Rubios around the United States, “You can be like me. Come with us, be a Republican.” Are you happy with the language of this gathering and this party and this platform?”

-- Geoffrey Dickens is the Deputy Research Director at the Media Research Center. Click here to follow Geoffrey Dickens on Twitter.