Media Use Phony Contraception Mandate 'Compromise' to Dismiss Obama War on Religion

On Thursday, several media reports used Obama campaign talking points to downplay a new Romney campaign ad that accused the President of a "war on religion" following the ObamaCare contraception mandate that would force religious institutions to cover birth control in employee health insurance plans.

Articles for The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal all touted the Obama White House reaching a supposed "compromise" with religious groups on the issue. The Post's Rachel Weiner explained: "In a compromise designed to quell criticism, church-affiliated employers (such as universities) do not have to directly provide contraception coverage....But that compromise did not satisfy Catholic critics."

USA Today's Catalina Camia told readers: "The policy sparked outrage from some religious groups and Obama has vowed to modify the rule so the burden shifts to health insurers." She then cited Obama campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith claiming: "Churches are completely exempt and religiously affiliated organizations that object to providing the service will never have to pay for contraception."

The Journal's Alicia Mundy matter-of-factly stated: "The controversial provision caused a revolt this year among a number of the Catholics who had supported the Obama bill, and was later modified."

However, the Associated Press accurately noted: "Details have not been worked out. And not only the bishops, but Catholic hospitals and some other religious leaders generally supportive of Obama's policies are saying the compromise appears to be unworkable."

All four reports failed to mention the fact that 43 Catholic institutions have filed suit against the ObamaCare mandate.