Even Jimmy Fallon is Taking Jabs at Obama Now

With his approval ratings dropping and numerous scandals swirling around him it could be argued that America is going through Obama Fatigue right now.

And maybe the President himself is getting tired of it all too. Or at least that’s what Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon noticed when he took a jab at Obama on Wednesday night:

The following joke was aired during Fallon’s monologue on the June 11 edition of NBC’s Tonight Show:

JIMMY FALLON: Let’s get to the news first of all. This is just getting weird now. I heard that for the second day in a row the President, President Obama, made an unscheduled trip out of the White House. Again, he went yesterday or a couple days ago for like a coffee at Starbucks.


FALLON: He did. He went and just split, got a latte or something? And then, and then this time he went and got a burger at a nearby restaurant.


FALLON: Didn’t tell anybody. Yeah. It seems like Obama wants to be out of the White House more than Hillary wants to be in it.


FALLON: Almost, almost. Close. Almost.