CyberAlert -- 09/06/2000 -- Gore's Non-Negative Attack Ad

Clymer's Reporting Record; On West Wing Tonight: Prostitute Helped -- Back to today's CyberAlert

1) National Review Online features a review, by the MRC's Tim Graham, of Adam Clymer's record of anti-conservative and pro-liberal reporting.

2) Video clip of Dan Rather scolding George Bush is now viewable.

3) Tonight NBC will re-run the West Wing which featured "President Bartlet" offering to use the power of his office to help a prostitute get admitted to the bar. He proclaimed: "It's nice when we can do something for prostitutes once in a while."


Now on National Review Online, "Is Adam Clymer That Bad? Yes," a piece by the MRC's Tim Graham. Go to:

For a lengthy list of links to other comment and analysis in the media today about Clymer, go to Jim Romenesko's MediaNews:


Dan Rather video now up on the MRC home page. You can see a RealPlayer clip of Rather upbraiding Bush last night:
"On one bit of campaign meanness and nastiness in particular, George Bush now says he's sorry his gutter language and personal attack was picked up by a microphone at a campaign stop yesterday, but he refuses to apologize for the substance of his comment...."

Go to:


Tonight, Wednesday September 6, NBC will repeat May 10 West Wing which featured "President Bartlet" offering to use the power of his office and of the Attorney General to help a prostitute get admitted to the bar after an evil staffer for an anti-campaign finance reform Senator tipped a reporter that an aide to Bartlet was dating the call girl.

As summarized in the May 17 CyberAlert, the journey left of NBC's drama, The West Wing, took a bizarre twist into very tolerant social liberalism with "President Bartlet," played by Martin Sheen, offering to order the Attorney General to help a prostitute, who just earned a law degree, gain admittance to the bar.

After she's photographed by a newspaper with aide "Sam Seaborn," played by Rob Lowe, instead of angrily rebuking Seaborn, Bartlet stands by him, tells him to apologize to her for the White House for the intrusion on her life, suggests she sue the newspaper for invading her privacy and commands him: "You should tell her that if she passes her bar exam, the U.S. Attorney General will personally see to it that she's admitted to the bar." The scene ends with this serious comment from Bartlet: "It's nice when we can do something for prostitutes once in a while, isn't it?"

To watch a RealPlayer clip of this scene and for more details about this episode, the next to last of the season, go to: -- Brent Baker

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