CyberAlert -- 06/04/1997 -- Special flash notice edition

Special flash notice edition

Two quick items:

1) "Media Revolving Door Spins Faster for Liberals," an opinion piece by the Media Research Center's L. Brent Bozell and Brent Baker, appears in today's Wall Street Journal. In the wake of much media indignation over Susan Molinari's jump to CBS News, the article demonstrates how many more liberals have made the jump without generating concern from journalists. And, the liberal political operatives hold key executive positions with control over all of a network, not just one show.

2) The May issues of MediaWatch and MediaNomics are now available on the MRC's Web site: We had a couple week delay caused by FTP problems, and you know how painful they can be, but MRC Web manager Joe Alfonsi now has the complete issues up on the site.

-- Brent Baker