The media are so far into the tank for President Obama that even the fairly liberal Juan Williams decried: We are going towards a weekend of high tide for kowtowing to the Obama administration. He's all over CBS this weekend and then he's going to be all over ABC. I don't know what's going on with big media in this country. The brief assessment from Williams , a news analyst for NPR and former Washington Post reporter, came in response to Chris Wallace's request for ten-second "lightning round" offerings at the end of Friday's Special Report with Bret Baier on... continue reading
Sticking up for European socialism, Friday night on HBO's Real Time, BBC America's Katty Kay contended the "idea of demonizing" a "public option" for U.S. health care "as some sort of step toward socialism - it just seems to me so out of touch with reality." That's because "in Britain we have a purely public plan and even the Conservative Party calls it one of our great national treasures," while other European nations "that have some sort of a public plan actually, you know what, they seem to like it" since "it seems to actually work pretty well and no... continue reading
Friday's World News carried a 15-second promo, the first I've seen, for Wednesday night's controversial prime time special, " Questions for the President: Prescription for America ." Over video of President Barack Obama, ABC exulted in how "Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer take you inside his house" for "a television event" where "President Obama answers all of your tough questions about your health care." (Below: Look at how ABC News has incorporated Obama's image into their graphic plugging the June 24 special.) Script of the narration: What's more important than having good health care when you need it? Nothing. That's... continue reading
Reacting to a New York Times column in which Frank Rich claimed Fox News was responsible for violent acts like the murder of abortionist George Tiller or the Holocaust Museum shooting, on MSNBC on Friday, John Harwood remarked: "I love Frank's columns, but I don't believe that cable television causes people to become violent." Harwood, who is a reporter for the Times as well as the co-host of a weekly Friday show on MSNBC, The New York Times Edition, began by quoting Rich's latest Op-Ed: "And here's Frank Rich on the 'silent enablers' of what he calls 'extremist Obama haters,'... continue reading
MSNBC's Chris Matthews appeared on Montel Williams' Air America radio show on Wednesday to slam John McCain: "I think McCain put his finger on the idiot button." The Hardball host fumed about McCain's criticism of how Barack Obama has handled the response to Iran's disputed election. He also unflatteringly compared the Senator to Sarah Palin. After getting a laugh from the Montel Across America host, Matthews reiterated, "I'm telling you, the idiot button." He complained, "That's my new term for when you start putting your finger on the button that's got Sarah Palin's fingerprints on it." Matthews broke off his... continue reading
CBS Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez wondered on Friday: "Lots of politicians get caught having affairs, as you know. The trick, though, is making a comeback. It's happened before, but the question is does John Edwards have a political future?" Rodriguez later introduced the segment by citing Edwards' recent comments about his political future in a Washington Post interview : "Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton, just two of the high profile politicians who've survived the scandal of having an extramarital affair. Now John Edwards is speaking out for the first time, since his affair, about testing the waters for a... continue reading
Centering its story around a man unable to get "affordable" health insurance after a battle with cancer, Thursday's NBC Nightly News devoted its "In-Depth" segment to the "public option," what anchor Brian Williams innocuously described as "a government insurance program similar to Medicare, but available to those under 65." NBC didn't mention conservative concern such a program would become a "slippery slope" toward a single-payer system since the government could under-price private insurers. Reporter Robert Bazell focused on Chuck Bille, who "at 61 loves the outdoors and feels healthy, but Bille had leukemia that is now in remission. And recently,... continue reading
Broadcasting & Cable magazine reports President Obama has named two NBC News veterans to the selection panel for the White House Fellows program, which will select new Fellows in the coming week: Tom Brokaw , now a special correspondent for NBC News, and John Hockenberry of Public Radio International and formerly with NBC and ABC, join a distinguished panel that includes General Wesley Clark , Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe , and former Senator Tom Daschle to pick young people to work "at the highest levels of government" and to participate in an education program and complete public service activities. The... continue reading
Good Morning America on Thursday unearthed archival footage that featured Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor on the show in 1986 complaining about discrimination against women. The clips highlighted her fretting, "There are different styles. And because of those styles, I think that's what affects the ability of women to get ahead in the workplace." In the video, Sotomayor can be seen talking to then-GMA host Joan Lunden and asserting that men inadvertently discriminate against women: "Well, I found in my experiences that it's not that men are consciously discriminating against promoting women. But, I do believe that as people, we... continue reading
Now that gay activists are unhappy with Barack Obama, CBS has dusted off the "far left" label and applied it to the President's critics. Co-host Harry Smith on Thursday: " President Obama gets some pressure from an unlikely source, the far left ....On Wednesday, he signed an extension of health benefits for same sex couples who are federal employees, but that may not be enough for this increasingly frustrated community." The on-screen graphic throughout the segment championed: " Pressure from the Far-Left; Gay Community Frustrated with Obama ." A Nexis search reveals that was the first time a CBS correspondent... continue reading