CNN anchor Campbell Brown used a proponent's own talking point about President Obama's planned health care socialization as she pressed a doctor over his skepticism of the project during her program on Monday: "There's plenty of evidence...that...two-thirds of all bankruptcies in this country [are] due to people's medical bills. It's clear the current system isn't working, so why not be open to trying this?" Brown hosted Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, a supporter of the president's plan, and Dr. Eric Novack, a senior fellow for the conservative Americans for Prosperity, for her regular "Great Debate" segment. After an opening statement from the... continue reading
Appearing on C-SPAN's Washington Journal Tuesday, CBS Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer dismissed the notion of liberal media bias: "...there is so much media out there now that the idea of bias in the media, it's almost become irrelevant. I mean, we're in this age of opinion journalism, where you can get the news served up almost anyway you want it." Schieffer went on to compare biased media coverage to ordering eggs: "If you want to hear it from a conservative point of view, you can find plenty of places on the dial to get that. If you want... continue reading
ABC's Robin Roberts conducted two fawning interviews with Michelle Obama on Tuesday and repeatedly reminded viewers that the First Lady would be tending to the White House garden as soon as the segment was completed. Roberts breathlessly explained, " I caught up with Michelle Obama for an exclusive interview as she was heading outside to work in the White House garden ..." In a second Good Morning America piece, Roberts reiterated, "Again, I talked to her right before she was about to tend to the White House Garden." After discussing healthy living and childhood obesity, the GMA co-host cheered, "And... continue reading
During the June 23 White House press conference, ABC News reporter Jake Tapper sparred with Barack Obama over the details of the President's universal health care plan, bluntly observing, " ...If the government is offering a cheaper health care plan, then lots of employers will want to have their employees covered by that cheaper plan, which will not have to be for-profit, unlike private plans ." Although there was laughter in the press conference, the exchanges became pointed. At one point, Tapper sarcastically observed that he appreciated Obama's "Spock-like language about the logic of the health care plan." Tapper's question,... continue reading
Chris Matthews, on Monday's "Hardball," mocked Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio for pondering, on his Twitter page, that the "situation in Iran would be a little different if they had a 2nd Amendment like ours." Matthews, completely missing the point that our Founding Fathers understood that it is much harder to repress a free people that is armed, derided Rubio in the "Sideshow" portion of his June 22 show: CHRIS MATTHEWS: Next up, a reminder to think before you hit the "send" button. You've all seen what's happening in the streets of Tehran. How people are getting beaten, getting... continue reading
In the final portion of his interview with President Obama aired on Tuesday's CBS Early Show, Harry Smith mocked the idea of media bias: "People in the mainstream media have been accused of being afraid to speak truth to power and I've got - I've got some truth to power for you right now...I've been observing, your dog looks like he's out of control." Smith prefaced that softball question by joking: "When you're President of the United States, you must be prepared for any question." In response, Obama laughed and remarked: "Bo's a - you know, he's a teenager, he's... continue reading
In an interview with President Obama geared to Father's Day, CBS's Harry Smith asked the "father-in-chief" about growing up without his own father: "In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?" The first part of the interview, conducted Friday and shown on CBS's Sunday Morning, focused on Obama's role as "First Dad" as Smith declared: "Maybe it was on election night when we first realized not only would there be a new president but also a new first family. A family with young children...Along with the role of commander-in-chief and leader of the free world, Barack Obama would... continue reading
Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer popped up on Sunday's Reliable Sources and swore that ABC's much-scrutinized health care special with President Obama " won't be an infomercial ." She also seriously touted the objectivity of the network, cheering, "I know that our network has worked very, very hard to be completely- completely responsible and fair and serious about big issues." [ Audio available here ] After host Howard Kurtz played a clip of FNC's Sean Hannity attacking the June 24 special as an infomercial, Sawyer, who will be co-hosting the program with Charlie Gibson from inside the White House, promised,... continue reading
"She fell for his worldly sophistication" while he "admired her work helping ordinary people," gushed a front page Friday New York Times story on Gwendolyn and Kendall Myers, both charged with spying for communist Cuba for nearly 30 years. Deciding "to give the second half of their lives new meaning," the couple found themselves "disillusioned with the pace of change in Washington" so they once moved to South Dakota, Times reporter Ginger Thompson charmingly related, where "they marched for legalized abortion, promoted solar energy, and repaired relations with six children from previous marriages." How loveable. (Screen shot is from MSNBC... continue reading
ABC's This Week roundtable took up the media's favoritism toward President Obama. George Stephanopoulos marveled at "how obsessed the President and White House are with Fox News," prompting George Will to observe that's because "it's the discordant note in an otherwise harmonious chorus." New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller, however, cautioned "don't confuse attention with love" as he maintained of Obama's coverage: "I don't's been unskeptical or uncritical." Indeed, Keller insisted, "he's getting examined pretty microscopically." Sam Donaldson cracked up the panel with a back-handed slap at the White House press corps. Asked how they are doing, Donaldson... continue reading