On Today: Climategate Already Forgotten but U.S. is 'Blamed' for Global Warming

On Tuesday's Today show, there was no mention of Climategate - apparently the one mention of it on yesterday's show was enough for them - but NBC's Ann Curry did pass along more global warming hysteria from the Copenhagen conference, including an admonition of the United States. During the 7:00am half-hour Curry noted, "Today at the climate summit in Denmark the head of the World Meteorological Association said this decade has been likely the very warmest ever recorded," and in the 9:00am half hour, of the December 8 Today show, relayed the following condemnation of America's polluting ways:

ANN CURRY: At the World Climate Conference in Copenhagen developing nations said that wealthier countries, especially the United States, must make deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that are blamed for global warming.

-Geoffrey Dickens is the senior news analyst at the Media Research Center.