TV News Bearish on the Economy

TV News Bearish on the Economy
The U.S. job market for college grads is the best its been since 2001. Yet, polls are saying Americans feel skittish about the economy, and its probably because TV news is misleading them. Whether theyre ignoring good news or playing up the negative, journalists have portrayed a grim reality.

The Science Fiction Slant on News
CNN: the network that doesnt just report. It makes things up. But is CNNs documentary competing with Battlestar Gallactica?

G: Fox shows U.S. economy soars above Europe
B: CNN admits to fanning flames of fear
U: Today Show Currys economics should be taken with a grain of salt

CBS Whips Up Worry about Hurricane Season

CNN Team Perplexed by Calm U.S. Public

NBCs Curry Peppers Jim Cramer with Worry and Woe

Georgia on ABCs Mind

Where Do We Go from Dubai?

Steve Forbes on the principles of economic prosperity (Imprimis)

Corn-based ethanol may not be the cheap alternative its cracked up to be (Fox News)

Conquering cancer with private medicine (Cato)

Re-regulating freight trains would derail prices, safety (TCS)

Congress should fold on Internet gambling regulation (Cato)

The Media Research Centers
Annual Gala
Washington, D.C., March 30
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How Will Greater Foreign Aid Help the Poor This Time?
The Heritage Foundation, March 28

An Evening w/ Walter Williams
Ellicott City, MD April 17
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