A Simple Plan?

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A Simple Plan?
The president's tax panel delivered a complicated proposal that would merely shift the tax code's winners and losers. Still, the media bought into the idea that it was simplifying, focusing on deductions scrapped and, like the panel, avoiding the issue of real reform.

Econ 101: The Role of the Courts in the Economy
As the Senate considers the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, Dr. Gary Wolfram, an economics professor and Business & Media Institute adviser, reminds us why courts were established: to protect our freedoms. To preserve a country where the rule of law guards private property rights, judges must focus on enforcing the laws that are written not on creating new policies.
Ask the professor: Do you have a question about an economic issue covered in the news?

Anti-Wal-Mart Movie Presses Forward
The Business & Media Institute is tracking coverage of two new films about Wal-Mart one positive and one negative. The film that bashes the retailer is getting a lot more attention in the press, and journalists are anything but skeptical. Even when the two sides debate, reporters insert pointed anti-business comments.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly tracks the best and worst media coverage of business and economics. Readers are invited to submit suggestions or news tips to Director Dan Gainor.
This week: NPR goes free market?; If its economic news, it must be bad; Sheriff Dobbs in Sherwood Forest

Also from BMI: Spotlight on oil companies and the windfall profits tax

Dobbs Takes Aim at Oil Companies

Fueling Outrage

Commentary: Punishing Profits

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Oil Profits

Research: Do we need more taxes on the oil industry? The Tax Foundation shows why this would be a bad idea, based on current taxes in place and the history of windfall profits taxes.

Research: Catos regulation experts deliver the case against the windfall profits tax and oil price controls.

Commentary: James Glassman lends some sanity to the recent oil-profit carping in Congress and the press.

Internet Freedom

Research: A thorough overview into the history of the internet, and why a U.N. takeover of it would be disastrous.


Commentary: R. Glenn Hubbard offers a comprehensive look into the tax panel findings and where reformers should go from there.

Commentary: Kevin Hassett plays myth debunker and sets the record straight about home prices and mortgage deductions in light of the proposal from the presidents tax panel.


Commentary: The revelation that oil rigs sustained little to no damage during this active hurricane season should change the debate about drilling in the Gulf.

Health Care

Research: As the Senate prepares to strike down some price controls on pharmaceuticals in the Medicare program, The Heritage Foundation reminds us of the potential economic harm from artificial price ceilings.

Commentary: The president is devoting $1.2 billion to fight malaria, but DDT should figure more prominently in the solution.