Paris When It Sizzles

Paris When It Sizzles  
As French protesters clash with riot police, Americans arent getting the full story from U.S. broadcast media. Journalists have focused on a new labor laws provision for businesses to fire not hire young workers. In reality, its just the socialist French system showing its flaws.

Econ 101: When the Job Market Isnt Free
Dr. Gary Wolfram explains why French protests show students ignorance about a consumer-driven economy.

G: Washington Post toasts a family business
B: Movie reviewers cheer Ice Age 2 for global warming message
U: Media complain new regulations on fuel efficiency not strict enough

Venezuelan Dictator Seizes Oil to Buy Weapons

Bubble, Bubble, the Markets Not in Trouble

Ice Age 2: Global Warming for Kids

Cant Get Enough Fuel Efficiency Regulation

Michael Tanner: Health insurance mandate is slippery slope toward national health care (Cato)

More than 40% of Americans will pay no income taxes in 06 (Tax Foundation)

Dr. Roy Spencer: Global warming hysteria has arrived (

Mark Brnovich: Remembering a scholar who showed property rights essential to civil liberty (

Cato Institute City Seminar with Bruce Bartlett
Houston, April 11

An Evening w/ Walter Williams
Ellicott City, MD April 17
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CEI Annual Dinner
Washington, D.C., May 23

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Atlanta City Seminar Luncheon
John Stossel of ABCs 20/20 with Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
Atlanta, Ga., May 24

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