March Madness: Full-Court Press on Global Warming

March Madness: Full-Court Press on Global Warming  
Its Time and ABC, and other media outlets promoting the threat of manmade climate change. Theyre pushing the danger of a tipping point and skipping any journalistic balance. Major media either ignored or marginalized scientists who dared disagree with catastrophic prophecy.

Media Declare Warming Debate Ended Again
Journalistic rules of fairness swamped by rising tide of bias from Time, ABC and others.

G: ABCs Stossel finds the upside of outsourcing
B: ABC credits liberal activist with Pulitzer he never won
U: Time for a global warming deluge

Reuters, NY Times Push Study Predicting Dramatic Sea Level Change

CNNs Cafferty Roots for High Gas Prices

Dobbs Scoffs at Extra Port Security

NY Times Finds Nothing Funny in Beer Ads

Pete du Pont: Technology, not regulation, is key to reducing greenhouse gases (WSJ)

How to shop around for better health care (NCPA)

James Dorn: Congress should push China to free capital markets, not raise tariffs. (Cato)

Jesse Walker: Why unlicensed broadcasting should not be a crime (CEI)

Big spending has GOP titling leftward (Heritage)

Cato Institute City Seminar with Bruce Bartlett
Houston, April 11

An Evening w/ Walter Williams
Ellicott City, MD April 17
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CEI Annual Dinner
Washington, D.C., May 23

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Atlanta City Seminar Luncheon
John Stossel of ABCs 20/20 with Myths, Lies, and Downright Stupidity
Atlanta, Ga., May 24

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