Green Day(s) All Year 'Round

Green Day(s) All Year 'Round
No trees are dying for you to read this online newsletter! Welcome to The Balance Sheets Green Issue, sandwiched between last weeks Step It Up global warming rallies and Earth Day (April 22). But in media reports, every day is a green day never mind what the planet-savers actually want our government to do to business and individuals.

Green Issues Are the Place to Be
Global warming goes glossy as magazines turn up heat on business with environmental ideas.

G: CS Monitor reports expanding reach of government
B: CNN In the Money trashes Wall Street, drug companies & student loans
U: CNNs Velshi Minds Your Business by promoting regulation

Check Out BMIs

For the latest in environmental madness, news and analysis


Why the Anna Nicole Smith Saga Actually Matters (Center for Individual Freedom)

Planting Trees for Carbon Offsets May Speed Global Warming (National Center for Policy Analysis)

Dan Mitchell: The Tax Gap Mirage (Cato Institute)

Waxmans Anti-Smoking Bill May Do More Harm Than Good (American Council on Science and Health)

Walter Williams: A Minority View: Exploiting Ignorance (Townhall)

Curing the Trust Crisis in Health Care
April 20, 2007
Cato Institute, Washington, D.C.

Promoting Health Insurance for Children and All Americans
April 24, 2007
American Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.C.

The Future of Wall Street: Can New York Stay on Top?
April 26, 2007
Manhattan Institute, New York, NY

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