As GM Goes, So Go the Media

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As GM Goes, So Go the Media
General Motors has had its share of trials - renegotiating worker benefits and now closing plants. The media continue to blame the auto manufacturer's worries on high gas prices and foreign automakers. The glaring omission in the coverage is the United Auto Workers, the union that has driven GM's costs to unsustainable heights.

Pilgrims and Ingrates
There's a lot to be thankful for this year. Americans have pulled through two devastating hurricanes, and the economy has rebounded and continued growing. People are working hard to bring jobs to hurricane victims. But the media aren't grateful for charity and opportunity. They're focusing on government handouts - which are running out.

Movie Review: 'Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price'
It's the attack-umentary everyone's talking about. Sure, you've heard that Wal-Mart is sticking it to workers and destroying communities. But what you might not know is that Wal-Mart wants to let you die in its parking lot according to Robert Greenwald's new film.

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly tracks the best and worst media coverage of business and economics. Readers are invited to submit suggestions or news tips to staff writer Ken Shepherd.
This week:  Chewing the fat about federal pork; Oil tax just 'a hill of beans'; ABC reporter driven to shame over SUV.

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Research, News & Commentary

General Motors

Commentary: Cato's Daniel T. Griswold gives a prescription for what ails General Motors.


Commentary: Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute sees a fresh opportunity for tax reform in spite of President Bush's poll numbers.

Research: The Tax Foundation's Chris Atkins and Scott Hodge report on how America's 34-percent corporate tax rate is causing the U.S. to lose business to foreign countries with lower tax rates.

Property Rights

Research: Bill Peacock of the Texas Public Policy Foundation looks at protecting Texans from the states abuse of eminent domain.


News: The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on Ohio state grants to private companies to hire interns.


Commentary: Hans Labohm at Tech Central Station says it's time to bury the Kyoto treaty for good.

Commentary: A Rocky Mountain News columnist calls for selling off some federal land to private owners, citing poor environmental stewardship by the federal government.

Health Care

Commentary: Heritage's Nina Owcharenko praises market-based approaches to Medicare reform in South Carolina and Florida.