Gassing Up

Gassing Up
If you think $3 for a gallon of gas is high, you havent been watching the network news. Theyve warned of $4, $5 or even $6 gas and havent been right yet. But years of media hype have proven convincing three-fourths of Americans believe $4 gas will hit this year.

Journalists Give Viewers the High Test on Gas
Reporters drive price predictions to $4 a gallon and higher, and hope no one remembers they've been wrong before.

G: NBC praises Chinese insourcing; WSJ includes criticism of CFLs
B: Fortune magazine claims American business is respectable again
U: Eco-extremist wants most of human virus eradicated

Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion

GMA Promotes ATV Regulation

Fortune: American Business 'Respectable' Again Because of Liberal Choices


Markets, Not Mandates, Are the Way to Provide for Paid Leave (Townhall)

Questions About Property Tax Reform (Tax Foundation)

The Euros Day of Reckoning (TCSDaily)

Beware of Anti-Consumer Energy Bills on Tap in Congress (The Heritage Foundation)

Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism and the Economics of Growth and Prosperity
May 10, 2007
The Heritage Foundation

FairTax Rally with Herman Cain
May 15, 2007
University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C.

The Role of the Corporation in America
May 21, 2007
Hudson Institute, Washington D.C.

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