Bad Company

Bad Company
TV's Assault on the American Businessman
In the real world, is the average businessman a murderer, kidnapper and/or philandering backstabber? If not, why is this the way the businessman is portrayed on television? On TV, anti-business plots outnumbered pro-business ones by almost 4-to-1.

For American Businessmen, Primetime is Crimetime
Entertainment TV: professionals 21 times more dangerous than the mob.

G: Christian Science Monitor notices increase in American charity
B: ABC News leaves out role high taxes play in boosting Internet cigarette sales
U: CNNs Serwer has 70s flashback with stagflation worries
Unhappy Anniversary: Kelos Public Purpose
Its the one-year anniversary of Kelo vs. New London, the infamous eminent domain case. BMI Adviser Dr. Donald Boudreaux explains why Kelo made property rights regressive not progressive in this op-ed that also appears in the June 21 Investors Business Daily.


Mustafa Akyol: Islam and capitalism are compatible (TCSDaily)

Brian Riedl: Taxpayers win a rare victory on spending (NRO)

Republicans have last, best chance to limit pork (AEI)

Advice to newspapers: stop whining about Craigslist and improve your product (ZDNet)

Michigan snubs innovative way to rein in health costs (Reason)

Bureaucracy vs. the Environment: What should be done?
The Independent Institute
Oakland, Calif., June 28

Fact and Fiction about Gasoline Prices
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., June 30

The Quotable Jefferson
Cato Institute
Washington, D.C., July 6

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