Attacking Executive Pay While Shielding Courics of the World

Attacking Executive Pay While Shielding Courics of the World
From ExxonMobils Lee Raymond to United Health Groups William McGuire, the networks have called executive pay staggering, stratospheric and stunning. What theyre not telling you is Big Media wants to hide the details of its top contracts.

Should We Worry About China-U.S. Trade?
Following Chinese President Hu Jintaos visit to the United States,Business & Media Institute adviser Dr. Don Boudreaux explains how politicians are missing the point in their trade rhetoric.

G: Washington Post: Rustic road regulation roils farmers
B: Parade rains on American Dream
U: CNN anchors solution to high gas prices: more taxes

CNNs OBrien: Maybe We Could Have More Gas Taxes

NBC: Chicken Farms Shield U.S. Poultry from Avian Flu

Blogger Who Blamed Halliburton for Iraq Rains on U.S. Economys Parade

Global Warming Wont Be As Devastating As Predicted

Bush should stop grandstanding and get serious about high gas prices (CEI)

Max Borders: Interview with a free-market friendly environmentalist (

Alison Stein Wellner: The mobility myth plays into liberal prescriptions for bigger government, higher taxes (Reason)

To compete in a global economy, cut government size and cost (Heritage)

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