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Director of Media Analysis
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All Abu Ghraib Zeroes, Not Decorated Heroes

Networks Highlight Soldiers Smiling in Prison Abuse Photos, Ignore Those Showing Bravery in Combat

Why Are Gas Prices the Only Economic News?

ABC, CBS, NBC Aired 50 Stories Playing Up "Skyrocketing" Gas Prices, 22 Falsely Said "Record High"

Hyping Liberal Radio's Rise, But Not Its Fall

National Media Outlets Piled Publicity on Air America's Launch, But Have Gone Silent On Its Struggles

The TV Elite Downplays Kerry vs. Russert

Papers Highlight Kerry Backing Away from Vietnam "Atrocity" Claims, But TV Networks Stay Quiet

NBC Trumps Rice With Anti-Bush Widows

NBC and MSNBC Allowed No Pro-Bush Mourners to Express Their Feelings About Condi Testimony

Partisan Tools, Not Objective Observers

ABC, CBS, NBC Pound Bush, But Protected Draft-Dodging Clinton from the "Willie Horton Crowd"

DNC "Warning Shot" Feisty, Not Dirty?

Was Bush "AWOL" From the National Guard? Reporters Find Accuracy and Civility Not the Point

Dan Rather Makes Nice, Not News

Sixteen Years After Yelling at Bush The First, CBS Anchor Stays Mellow with Democratic Contenders
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Still Liberal, Still Biased

How Big Media Helped the Left and Hurt the Right in 2003

"Centrist" Al's Boost for Hard-Left Howard

TV, Print Journalists Largely Avoid the L Word, See New "Centrist" Credibility for Dean After Gore Nod

The "Antiquated, Authoritarian" Pope Party

Will John Paul's Historic 25th Anniversary Today Become Another Moment for Demanding Liberalism?

Cruising Past Cruz's Racial Controversies

Bustamante May Be Leading, But Networks Stay Focused on Arnold's Raunchy Magazine Comments

Marking Tom Brokaw's Twenty Years of Tilt

NBC Anchor Boasted "We've Worked Hard to Drain the Bias" but Viewers Still Swimming in Liberalism

20 Years of Bias From ABC's Peter Jennings

Can't See Bias: "ABC, CBS, NBC Are Mainstream Media...Largely in the Center...Without Ideologies"

Is TV News Mocking the California Recall "Circus" or Making It?


News Magazines Plug "Centrist" Howard Dean

Time, Newsweek, U.S. News Raised Prospect of Liberal Trouble, But Maneuvered Dean to the Middle

National Media Hostile to California Recall

After California's Secretary of State certified a recall election against liberal Gov. Gray Davis, the media are blasting it as "madness" and a "civic crackup" caused by "right-wing" ...

Howard Dean: Not a Fierce Liberal Force?

Media Brand Vermont Governor "Populist," "Anti-War," and a Magnet for "Middle-Class Resentment"