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PBS's Gwen Ifill: No Moderate Moderator

Running-Mate Debate Host Has Likened Conservatives to Terrorists, Truck Bombers, and Assassins

Lehrer Favored Liberal Questions in 2000

Forget the Fuss About Debate Rules: Will Bush and Cheney Get a Fair Shake from Four Liberal Anchors?

Lining Up in Dan Rather's Valley of Forgery

Geraldo Feels Sorry for Rather, Helen Thomas Says He's "Magnificent," Diane Sawyer Finds "A Giant"

60 Minutes Has Pounded on Bush All Year

CBS Interview with Texas Democrat Only the Latest Salvo in an Undeniable Trend of Bush-Bashing

CBS Belittles Bush but Fawned Over Kerry

Republican Convention, Day 4: "Compassionate Conservatism" Mantra Rings Hollow to CBS Reporter

Decrying Miller's "Ugly" "Raw Meat" Speech

Republican Convention, Day 3: ABC's Stephanopoulos Hears Echoes of 1992 Houston Convention

Brokaw: Platform Doesn't Speak to Women

Republican Convention, Day 2: MSNBC Reporter Suggests "Compassion" = Supporting Gay Marriage

Reporters Shocked by Anti-Kerry Band-Aids

Republican Convention, Day 1: CNN's Aaron Brown Scolds GOP Speakers' Focus on National Security

TV: Take the Fair and Balanced Challenge

In Boston, Networks Avoided Labels, Social Issues, Anti-Kerry Vets, Quibbles on Facts or Policy Ideas

TV Focuses on Kerry's Spin, Not Kerry's History

ABC, CBS & NBC Morning Shows Have Failed to Interview A Member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

TV Networks Applaud John Kerry's Speech

Democratic Convention, Day 4: On ABC, CBS and NBC, No Liberal Labels For Kerry's Proposals

Network Reporters Swoon Over Edwards' Speech

Democratic Convention, Day 3: Edwards Is So Nice, ABC's Jennings Frets, Who'll Attack Bush/Cheney?

Obama the "Rock Star" & America "Goose-Steps"

Democratic Convention, Day 2: Tom Pops the Question: "What Did You Mean" by "Un-American"

Clever Bill, Honest Jimmy, but No Bush-Bashing?

Democratic Convention, Day 1: CBS's "Shove It" Story Skips Teresa's Calling GOP "Un-American"

Sandy Berger's Defense Lawyers in the Press

Dan Rather Disparages "Carefully Orchestrated Leak" That Upsets His Carefully Orchestrated Newscast

Tonight's Big Story: Ridiculous Rumors!

They All Report Dumping Cheney Is "Far-Fetched," But Promote Fable "Privately Advanced" by Dems

Dan Rather Nods Through Clinton Whoppers

CBS Anchor Buys Hillary's Ignorance, Bill's Couch Sleeping, Outrage at Kroft; Glosses Over Buckraking

For Clinton, Dan Rather is Putty in His Hands

CBS Anchorman Has Long Track Record of Cheerleading and Softball Questions for President Clinton
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Ronald Reagan: Overcoming a Fierce First Draft of History

The 40th President and the Press: The Record

Liberal Media's Reagan-Bashing Record

While Reporters Now Praise Reagan's Humor & Optimism, They Disdained His Conservative Policies