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David Gregory, "Custodian" of NBC's Biases

NBC Replaces Brokaw on Meet the Press With Reporter Known for Bashing Bush, Defending Clintons.

NBC Replaces Brokaw on Meet the Press With Reporter Known for Bashing Bush, Defending Clintons

NBC Replaces Brokaw on Meet the Press With Reporter Known for Bashing Bush, Defending Clintons

NPR's Pagan Reporter Just Happens to Find Atheist Protester of Prayer Art Project

Featured artist says prayer is a scary reality but no one questions tax-payer funded public radio mocking the faith of millions.

CNN Founder Ted Turner Touts Population Control and Detente

Appearing on PBS, the liberal media magnate advocates population control as the right thing to do.

Bob Schieffer Tilted Left Against Bush in 2004

CBS Host Trashes Palin As a "Down and Dirty...Attack Dog," Then Expects to Be Seen as Fair Moderator .

Gwen Ifill Is Pro-Obama and Anti-Palin

Even Before Her Obama Book, PBS Anchor Demonstrated Liberal Tilt at 2004 Vice-Presidential Debate

Jim Lehrer: Not a "Bias-Free" Moderator

PBS Anchor Asked John Kerry Several Helpful Softball Questions in 2004 Foreign Policy Debate

Newsweek on Palin: A 'Pet Pony' and 'Rapture-Ready Extremist'

Once again Newsweek gives multiple pages to an atheist's rant.

Profane Palin Hate, Unfit for Publication? WaPo 'Washes In Most Happily'

Please remember episodes like this when the Left (and its subset, The Washington Post) stands up and says that hate speech from the right is a terrible problem.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright Compares Obama to Virgin Mary - Times Doesn't Blink

Times reporter Andy Newman calmly passed along that Obama's preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright was taking instructions from Jesus himself.
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Editing Reverend Wright's Wrongs

How the Networks Censored and Manipulated Jeremiah Wright Soundbites and Glorified Barack Obama's Race Speech

Washington Post Addresses Obama's Faith -- with NO Wright

How can responsible journalists explain the candidate's beliefs and ignore his lengthy relationship with a politically and theologically radical preacher?

Adam Nagourney: OK With Obama's Centrist Head Fakes

The Times guards Obama's "brand" as a different kind of politician, despite his flip-flopping on guns and other issues.

NYT Magazine Publishes Charge That McCain's a Phony POW

Liberals were outraged in 2004 when they nominated Sen. John Kerry and some veterans who served with him on Swift Boats had the audacity to challenge his war heroism. How will they greet cranky ...

Adam's Fib

In a news analysis on the California Supreme Court's imposition of "gay marriage," Adam Nagourney seemingly can't find a liberal anywhere.

Anti-War Activists Hyped, Pro-Lifers Spiked

The Times wrote no story on the tens of thousands marching in the annual March for Life in January. But in May, 40 straggling protesters against the Iraq war marching through upstate New York are ...

As The World Squirms

TV writer Ginia Bellefante reports CBS is building ratings for its soap As The World Turns with a gay storyline. But she's amazed the show isn't protested for its "prejudice against the military."

A Grieving Dad vs. Illegal Gang Members

The Times told the heart-tugging story of a black father in Los Angeles whose son was shot dead by an illegal-alien gang member.

Howell Raines Unplugged - Please

The disgraced former Executive Editor of the Times writes a chronicle of gasbaggery about how the national media persecutes black leaders. As opposed to the reverse discrimination in favor of ...

Barney Frank, Witty Bridge-Builder

A front-page profile of a favorite liberal House committee chairman oozes political correctness, celebrates his mockery of the religious right, and underlines praise from Republicans. The last ...