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Obama Names Tom Brokaw And Another Ex-NBC Reporter to White House Panel

President Obama has named two NBC News veterans to the selection panel for the White House Fellows program, which will select new Fellows in the coming week: "Tom Brokaw, now a special ...

Evan Thomas on Obama the God: 'I Was Not Being Literal'

In this week's Newsweek, Evan Thomas confessed to being nailed by MRC and other media critics for comparing Obama to God on MSNBC ' or so it seemed, he wrote: "I compared President Obama with God. ...

CPB Ombudsman Agrees: Bill O'Reilly 'Guilty of Promoting Domestic Terrorism'

On Friday, June 12, the PBS program Now (formerly hosted by Bill Moyers) devoted most of its half-hour to the complaints of late-term abortionists Warren Hern and LeRoy Carhart smearing the ...

Newsweek's Fineman Disdains Branding Obama a 'Socialist'

In his latest column for the magazine, Newsweek senior Washington correspondent Howard Fineman scolded "disgraded or discarded" Republican leaders like Newt Gingrich, whose "ruthless" caricaturing ...

Even Liberal Moyers Says NBC's Special Was 'Valentine' to Obama

Conservative talk-show hosts and bloggers have been hammering away at the gooey NBC News Inside the White House specials with Brian Williams adoring Obama. But Williams also drew fire from the ...

Time: Educational Obama = 'President from Sesame Street'

In a gooey article titled "Tickle Me Obama," Time magazine's Nancy Gibbs giddily associates educational programming and Barack Obama as very similar concepts: "It's not just his age and mastery of ...

Politico Writer Defends Sotomayor's Crack On White Males Being Worse Judges

Politico's Roger Simon complained about the White House backpedaling on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's declaration that a "wise Latina woman" makes better decisions than a white male: "We ...

Washington Post Displays Labeling Bias Over Recent Supreme Court Picks

The Washington Post front page for May 27 announces the Sonia Sotomayor nomination with this large headline: "First Latina Picked for Supreme Court; GOP Faces Delicate Task in Opposition." There's ...

PBS's Tavis Smiley in Time: 'Capitalism Is Like a Child'

Time magazine is not wild about capitalism. In a "business roundtable" on the "future of capitalism," Time assembled several liberals to decry the idea: PBS host Tavis Smiley, blog founder Arianna ...

Speaker Pelosi Lied? Page A-18

Everything from serious (Chrysler closing dealerships, Afghan airstrikes) to silly (ranting advertisements, frozen pot pies) beat Nancy Pelosi's press conference on her knowledge of waterboarding ...

Did Times Report Invent a Quote for Catholic Leader?

Holy Jayson Blair! Catholic League president William Donohue charges Times reporter Paul Vitello with inventing a quote: "I never said anything remotely like this."

Democrats Show 'Growing Unease' With Obama's Wars

The Times played down liberal dissent on his sudden reversal on the release of "detainee abuse" photos, but they published a whole story on liberal Democrats developing an "unease" for Obama's wars.

Times Avoids Pope Quotes, Highlights Harsh Accusers

It's easy to denounce the Vatican's poor public-relations efforts when you're unwilling to quote the Pope in your story, but you're eager to let people accuse him of being an "enthusiastic Nazi."

So Much for the Good War

Carl Hulse devoted a whole story to Democrat "qualms" over Afghanistan, but none of them are called liberal.

Nagourney's Guiding Light Away from the Religious Right

It's not surprising that a prominent member of the Times "gay mafia" would use an unsuccessful McCain strategist to urge that "Same-Sex Marriage Holds Peril for GOP."

CNN Hails Zeleny's "Enchanted" Question: "Good Job, Jeff!"

John Roberts compared Zeleny's softball to hardballs thrown at Bush in 2004. Back then, the Times asked Bush if he had "personal responsibility" for the 9/11 attacks.

Hezbollah: Terrorists or 'Resilient Pragmatists'?

New York Times book reviewer Michiko Kakutani described how Hezbollah can be paired with Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

One Hundred Atheists in South Carolina: Front-Page News?

Whenever the secular humanists gather in a Southern state, it's time to wake the neighbors.

Times Announces New "Conservative" Columnist, Underlines He's a Moderate

Ross Douthat (pictured) is the new young face of conservatism at the Times. But how conservative is he?