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Scott Whitlock

Senior News Analyst

Scott Whitlock is the senior news analyst for the Media Research Center and a contributing editor for You can read his NewsBusters blogs here. Scott's blogs have been featured on the Drudge Report and in the Washington Times (see example here). He's also appeared on radio programs such as the Lars Larson Show to discuss MRC blogs and studies.

Scott lives in Northern Virginia and can be contacted at You can also follow Scott on Twitter.

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Nets Pull Their Punches in Covering Liberal Alec Baldwin's Anti-Gay Rant

The three major networks devoted four times as much air time to obsessing over Paula Deen's use of a racial epithet 30 years ago than they did of outspoken liberal Alec Baldwin's anti-gay rant on ...
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ABC, NBC Skip Announcement That IRS Aggressively Targeted Conservatives, Not Liberals

ABC and NBC on Thursday night and Friday morning ignored an announcement by the Internal Revenue Service inspector general that liberal organizations were not forced to endure the same invasive ...
Media Research Center

ABC Pushes 'Historic' Immigration Bill, Laments Fate in 'Inhospitable' GOP House

The journalists at Good Morning America on Friday worried that "inhospitable" Republicans in the House would leave the Senate immigration bill as "half-made history." Reporters Dan Harris and Jim ...
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No Objectivity Needed: Robin Roberts Thrilled Over 'Wonderful' 'Jubilation' at Gay Marriage Win

The journalists at Good Morning America seem to have decided that the gay marriage debate no longer has two sides. On Thursday, co-anchor Robin Roberts opened the program by spinning Wednesday's ...
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Chris Matthews Compares Gavin Newsom to Executed Civil War-Era Abolitionist, America Is Now 'Half Slave'

Though Chris Matthews was happy with Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings in support of gay marriage, the liberal host still used hyperbolic rhetoric to describe the state of the country and the ...
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ABC: Screw Objectivity, We're for Gay Marriage; GMA Hosts Celebrate On-Air

The personalities hosting Good Morning America made little effort to hide their joy over the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling, Wednesday. During live coverage of the rulings on the west coast ...
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NBC's Brian Williams: Supreme Court 'Drove a Stake Through the Heart' of Voting Rights Law

NBC and ABC journalists on Tuesday lamented a Supreme Court decision to strike down a key section of the Voting Rights Act as unconstitutional. But it was Nightly News anchor Brian Williams who ...
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ABC's Terry Moran Thrilled Over Gay Rulings: 'Poetic' 'Declaration' for 'Equal Dignity'

A smiling Terry Moran made little effort to contain his excitement on Wednesday, hyping the Supreme Court's pro-gay marriage decisions as "poetic" and a "declaration" for "equal dignity." During ...
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Huh? Chris Matthews: Stop Global Warming or Miami Will Be Turned Into a Hovering 'Atlantis!'

The always hyperbolic Chris Matthews on Tuesday touted Barack Obama's call for action on global warming with a rambling warning. The Hardball anchor hyperventilated, "And why did President Obama ...
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IRS Scandal 'Wider' Than First Thought; NBC Ignores and ABC Allows a Mere 19 Seconds

According to Danny Werfel, the acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service, the IRS's aggressive investigation of conservative groups was wider than originally thought. Yet, NBC totally ...
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Hyperbolic Terry Moran on ABC: 'Right Now, There Is No Voting Rights Act Operative' in U.S.

During live coverage, minutes after the Supreme Court struck down a key portion of the 1965 Voting Rights Act on Tuesday, a hyperbolic Terry Moran on ABC inaccurately spun the whole law as being ...
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Don't Rock the Boat: ABC Allows Five Minutes for 'Landmark' Immigration Bill, 17 Minutes on Out-of-Control Star

In the last month, ABC's morning and evening news shows allowed a scant four minutes and 51 seconds of coverage for the immigration bill working its way through Congress, this despite describing ...
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Chris Matthews Gushes: 'Transparent' Bill Clinton Is Just Like Mobster 'Icon' Tony Soprano

According to pop culture-obsessed Chris Matthews, a good comparison to TV "icon" Tony Soprano is Bill Clinton. While discussing the untimely passing of actor James Gandolfini, the Hardball anchor ...
Media Research Center

Petulant MSNBC Crew Sneers at 'Shameless,' Mindless,' 'Stunning' Sean Hannity

A sneering group of MSNBC hosts and analysts on Thursday berated Sean Hannity for his "mindless" anti-government attitude, mocking him as "pathetic." The Fox News host gave an interview to Playboy ...
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ABC Hypes 'Stunning Revelation' That Drones Were Used Inside U.S., Forgets That It Covered This in February

ABC's Good Morning America on Thursday deemed the admission by the FBI that they have used drones inside America to be a "stunning revelation." Yet, news reader Josh Elliott somehow managed to ...
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MSNBC: Obama and Merkel Are the New 'Ronnie and Maggie'; Matthews Sees Conspiracy to Push Hillary 2016

MSNBC's Chris Matthews and his liberal guest on Wednesday thrilled over the relationship between Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson even ...
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Martin Bashir, Who Compared Conservatives to Hitler, Now Decries Nazi Comparisons

MSNBC's Martin Bashir on Tuesday snarled at a fellow liberal, Congressman Alan Grayson, for daring to compare the National Security Agency's spying program to Nazi Germany. This is the same Bashir ...
Media Research Center

ABC Hypes Obama Family's 'Beautiful' Vacation, Avoids Any Hint of Extravagance

The journalists at Good Morning America on Tuesday offered a light-hearted, whimsical look at the Obama family's multi-country vacation. Reporter Linsey Davis played U2's "Beautiful Day" and ...
Media Research Center

ABC: Clinton and Christie 'Bromance' Is Like 'Clooney and Pitt,' 'Han Solo and Chewbacca'

ABC on Saturday fawned over the growing "bromance" between Bill Clinton and Chris Christie, hyping the relationship as like "Clooney and Pitt" and, oddly, "Han Solo and Chewbacca." Good Morning ...
Media Research Center

NBC, CBS Skip Obama-Supporting IRS Agent, ABC Allows 22 Seconds

ABC on Monday allowed a scant 22 seconds to the latest revelation in the scandal engulfing the Internal Revenue Service. NBC and CBS have, thus far, ignored the newest detail. The Associated Press ...