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Clay Waters is director of Times Watch, a division of the Media Research Center (MRC) that tracks the liberal bias of the New York Times. You can follow Times Watch on Twitter and Facebook.

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Times Sees a Perky Cuban Economy Under Raul

NYT's Juan Forero presents Cuban economic survival as struggle against Washington, not a struggle with a repressive, bankrupt economic model.

Who'll Stand Up for Israel?

No one on the Times' new war blog, apparently.

Letting Liberal Ned Lamont off the Hook

The Times buries the lead in its story on the "Lieberman-in-blackface" blogger, and lets anti-war candidate Ned Lamont implausibly deny connections to her.

'Dark' Natured Bush, Cheney and Rice Exporting 'Fear' and 'Relentless Pessimism'

Thomas Friedman slams admininstration on its foreign policy.

Hezbollah as "Islamic Resistance"

More bad labeling of the anti-Israel terrorist group.

Michael Moore, Trustworthy War Philosopher

David Stout: "Since the Vietnam War era, it has been common to say that wars are begun by powerful men whose sons stay home, while the sons of men and women with calluses on their hands and dirt ...

Civilian Deaths in Lebanon: Good Story, Lousy Headline

For "Fog of War," substitute "Civilian Populace."

Frank Sinatra's Career Arc Foreshadowed U.S. Imperialism

No, he's not making it up

"Hezbollah's Achievements" - Killing Israeli Civilians

Greg Myre talks to Palestinians who admire the terrorist group Hezbollah's killing of Israelis. But the T-word is nowhere to be found.

For the Times and Castro, Love at First Sight

The Times reminds us that the mainstream media's love affair with Communist dictator Fidel Castro started early

Hezbollah Terrorist Leader Nasrallah as "Folk Hero"

And more quotes on Hezbollah, the "civil aid group" with the "savvy media operation."

"Unpleasant" "Cartoon" Sensenbrenner "Has No Tolerance for Illegal Immigrants"

Plus: A terrorist as "renegade" and an America "deeply divided" over gay marriage.

Ann Coulter's "Hate Speech"

Plus: Helpful advice for Republicans - alienate your base

NY Times Publisher Beyond Parody

Bush's War on Democracy

Bush's War on Democracy

Times Watch Quotes of Note:

Bushs War on Democracy

Inequality in Japan Also Reagan's Fault

Plus more of most biased quotes of the last two weeks from the New York Times

Penguin Family Values? Ludicrous. Monkey Socialism? Profound

TimesWatch Quotes of Note for September 23, 2005.

Tom DeLay, One Mean Guy

A weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes in the New York Times

The Times Watch 'Quotes of Note Worst of 2005'

Documenting and Exposing the Liberal Political Agenda of the New York Times.