Cramer Credits CNBC-Obama Infomercial for 146-Point Dow Jones Rally

'Mad Money' host says president himself didn't cause stock market jump, but increase occurred because Obama didn't use network platform to wage class warfare.

CBS Befuddled by How Tea Party Candidates Have Survived Despite Their 'Unusual Assertions'

ABC, CBS and NBC all ran full stories Monday night on how an old video clip showed Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell talking about how, as a high-schooler, she had "dabbled ...

Imam's Group Trained NY Times Reporter Who Wrote Glowing Ground Zero Mosque Article

Reporter also formerly worked as lobbyist for CAIR.

NBC's Brian Williams Gives Jimmy Carter a Platform to Denounce Fox News: 'No Regard for the Truth'

In selecting which excerpts, from his sit-down with former President Jimmy Carter, to showcase on Monday's NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams decided to highlight Carter's blast at Fox News for ...

NBC Reporter Warns Global Warming Now Endangering the Walrus

It seems like every few years there's a new mascot for Team Global Warming. First it was the polar bear, then the Arctic fox and now it's the walrus's turn. On Monday's Today show, Lee Cowan ...

NY Times Tea Party Book Author Zernike: Tea Party All About 'Us vs. Them' (Poor, Blacks, Illegals, etc.)

New York Times reporter Kate Zernike agrees the Tea Party has some roots in the George Wallace for President campaign: "This is why people again have trouble separating race and the Tea Party ...

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts Hypes Pro-gay Rights Lady Gaga as the 'Joan Baez of Her Time'

MSNBC News Live host Thomas Roberts on Monday pleaded with his Twitter followers to help get Lady Gaga on his program, at one point hyping the pro-gay rights singer as the "Joan Baez of her time."

Santelli 'Very Happy' to Have Been Tea Party 'Spark'

HuffPo notes newspaper interview in which CNBC reporter calls his famous tea party rant 'best five minutes of my life.'

CNN Contributor Avlon: Christine O'Donnell 'Queen of the Wingnuts'

CNN contributor John Avlon returned to his consistent theme of bashing conservative on Monday's Newsroom, labeling Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell the "new queen of the ...

CNN's John Roberts Anguishes Over Need to 'Bump Up' Govt's 'Revenue Stream'

A majority of economists support extending the Bush tax cuts for all income groups, a CNN/Money survey found. But on Monday's American Morning, co-anchor John Roberts rued the conundrum of needing ...