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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: 'Torture Advocate' Dick Cheney Should Waterboard Karl Rove

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Monday continued to obsess over Dick Cheney, deriding the former Vice President as a "torture advocate" who should waterboard Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby.

Media Highlight Wanted Terrorist Al Awlaki, Forget They Called Him 'Moderate'

Media called recent U.S. target a bridge-builder pre-9/11.

Hockey Star Sean Avery Praised for Brave Support of Gay Marriage

Reporter John Branch praises the "unafraid" New York Rangers hockey star Sean Avery for cutting a clip in support of gay marriage in New York State. But athletes with conservative messages were ...

Juan Williams Refers to the 'Murder' of bin Laden

While discussing what role President Bush and enhanced interrogations played in the death of Osama bin Laden, Fox News Sunday panelist Juan Williams referred to the terrorist's death as "murder."

Rising Gas Prices, Historic Deficits Mean Advantage: Democrats? So Says Hulse

Reporter Carl Hulse somehow finds Democratic advantage in rising gas prices and the exploding deficit: "Senior Democrats believe that tying [high gas prices and rising deficits] will put pressure ...

NBC's Gregory Not Sure if Role of Enhanced Interrogation in bin Laden Killing is 'Objectively Knowable'

On NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, host David Gregory remained highly skeptical of the role enhanced interrogation tactics played in tracking down and killing Osama bin Laden: "Khalid Sheikh ...

MRC's 2011 DisHonors Awards Presented Saturday Night; Ed Schultz 'Wins' Quote of the Year

Neal Boortz, Ann Coulter, Andrew Klavan, Erick Erickson, Congressman Steve King and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and a performance by The Outlaws band highlighted the MRC's "2011 Gala ...

Michael Moore: You 'Hate Being an American' If You Wanted Bin Laden Killed Without a Trial

Ever looking to criticize the American populace from his cardboard platform, filmmaker Michael Moore lashed out Thursday on CNN at supporters of Osama bin Laden's assassination. "We've lost ...

April Unemployment Back Up to 9%; 27th Month Above 8%

Despite 244,000 jobs gained in April, national unemployment rate has been higher than promised since February 2009.

NY Times Says It's 'Ugly' to Celebrate bin Laden's Death

The headline over Benedict Carey's NY Times story: "Celebrating a Death: Ugly, Maybe, but Only Human." Carey wrote: "Some Americans celebrated the killing of Osama bin Laden loudly, with chanting ...