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Ex-Democratic Aide George Stephanopoulos Lauds Democrat Mayor of Chicago, a 'Political Icon'

On Wednesday's Good Morning America, former Democratic operative George Stephanopoulos extolled the virtues of Chicago's Democratic mayor and his famous Democratic father. Teasing the segment on ...

Poor John Dingell Faces Nasty Campaign and Angry 'Bellowing' - Michele Bachmann a 'Polarizing Republican'

Double standards: The Times lets Democratic congressional baron John Dingell lament the nasty political climate that means "He now faces a wealthy cardiologist with Tea Party leanings, and ...

CBS 'Political Analysis' Showcases Democratic Demagoguery About Nazi Republicans

A month ago, CBS News hired ex-Al Gore operative Jamal Simmons, a self-described "strong supporter of Barack Obama's campaign," as political analyst, and Tuesday night he charged "voters are ...

High School 'Glee' Stars Strip/Sex it Up for GQ

Popular youth-oriented show's actors wear little for men's magazine; will media ignore?

Behar Blames Tea Party For Bristol Palin's Continued Success on Dancing With The Stars

'The View' co-host uses reality TV results in an attempt to slam conservatives.

Media Single Out Gay-Bullying Link in Reporting Teen Suicides

Facebook and Hollywood are the latest to ignore depression and divorce as contributing factors to increasing youth suicides.

Israel-Bashing Filmmaker to Receive Honorary Oscar

Jean Luc Godard calls Jewish state a cancer that justifies Palestinian terrorism.

Daily Beast: Wal-Mart's Morals Victimize Kanye

Site claims celebrity shoplifters and soft-core pornography publications banned from Wal-Mart stores are 'victims' of the retail giant.

Feminist Groups Call Conservative Women 'Nutty' and 'Whores,' Media Ignores

NOW endorses liberal male candidates over conservative females, despite bemoaning lack of women in politics.

The Stories New York Times Liberals Tell Themselves About the Tea Party

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat summarizes four comforting stories liberals tell themselves about the Tea Party - all four of which have been told by Times reporters to their readership: #1 ...