CNN‘s “Your Money” takes a gloomy view of the economy even when its own guests say otherwise. Rather than listen to an economist, the hosts decided they knew better. ”People [are] whispering about the risk of a recession,” explained host Christine Romans on the September 15 show. She claimed “The stock market still hasn’t found its footing.” Not a well-researched comment, considering this is a financial program. The Dow has gone up from 7,500 in 2003 to 13,403 and has climbed almost 1,000 points or 7.5 percent just in 2007. Employment has dropped to a low 4.6 percent, and the... continue reading
Most liberal media outlets reacted in similar fashion to today's major Maryland Court of Appeals ruling, which upholds the state's law defining marriage as one man-one woman. They presented it through the lavender lens of homosexual activism. CBS News' Web site ran this headline: Maryland Court Upholds Gay Marriage Ban Calling the law a “gay marriage ban” is as misleading as describing it as a “ban on polygamous marriage,” or a “ban on incestuous marriage” or perhaps a “ban on interspecies marriage.” For the record, the Court notes that neither the 1973 law nor the legislative debate at the time... continue reading
Howard Kurtz, the longtime Washington Post media reporter and CNN media-show host, inadvertently defined exactly what's wrong with our political culture when he was asked in an online chat about actress Sally Field blurting out in her Emmy victory speech that if women ruled the world, there'd be no [expletive deleted] wars. Kurtz said awards shows might not be the best slot for political analysis, “but she said it at a live news event, so in a way Fox was censoring the news.” This is “news?” Sally Field's incoherent rant, delivered after a series of stammers, is somehow on par... continue reading
Reporter Robin Toner rooted for socialized Hillary-health care in Sunday's Week in Review front-page, above-the-fold story, " Unveiling Health Care 2.0, Again ." "Rarely does a politician, a party or a political system get a chance at a do-over. "Yet when Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton rolls out her comprehensive health plan in Iowa on Monday, it will be just that: Mrs. Clinton, or whoever the next president might be, has a second chance to fix a system that has, in many ways, deteriorated in the 14 years since the Clintons' last attempt at an overhaul. Toner crossed her fingers: "But... continue reading
It’s easy to talk about universal health care. It’s not as easy to pay for it. “Her [Hillary Clinton’s] goal is still universal coverage through a combination of private and public insurance,” ABC reporter Liz Marlantes said on the September 16 ABC “World News.” “But this time her timing may be better. In 1993, there were 39 million uninsured Americans. Today there are 47 million. As the problem grows, the pressure on government to do something is intensifying.” Completely left out of the ABC report was the cost of Clinton’s “bold” health care plan. According to Clinton’s Web site, her... continue reading
David Johnston reportedfrom Saturday's anti-climactic anti-war march in D.C. in which protestors under the umbrella of the radical leftist group ANSWER apparently baited the police into arresting them by climbing over a wall near the Capitol. "A rally on Saturday to protest the war in Iraq, which began with a peaceful march of several thousand people to the Capitol, ended with dozens of arrests in a raucous demonstration that evoked the angry spirit of the Vietnam era protests of more than three decades ago." The text box read hopefully: "Shades of the Vietnam era, with the focus on Iraq." The... continue reading
Believe it or not, there are still some people who think businesses can create social benefits without making any profits. Such was the case when the Charlotte, N.C.-based Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) announced it would raise ATM fees and charge non-customers $3. “This is an irresponsible company doing everything they can to maximize profits and the Federal Reserve and the federal government and our presidential candidates should just say we don’t need companies paying their CEOs so much money, charging hard-working Americans for the convenience of using their banks,” said Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union,... continue reading
Reporter Katharine Seelye addressed the controversy over the deep discount granted to the radical left-wing group for its already infamous "General Petraeus Or General Betray Us?" ad in Friday's " Angered by an Antiwar Ad, Giuliani Seeks Equal Space ." "The New York Times came under attack Thursday by Rudolph W. Giuliani and a group of conservative Republicans for what they said was favoritism in the rate charged to, a liberal group that opposes the war, for an advertisement attacking Gen. David H. Petraeus, the American commander in Iraq. "Mr. Giuliani, a Republican presidential candidate, sought - and... continue reading
Even though Debbie Clavon admitted she was “dumb” and “didn’t read” her mortgage agreement, CBS showcased her adjustable-rate mortgage woes and her protest of foreclosures nationwide. “For Alvin and Debbie Clavon of Los Angeles, the letter from their mortgage lender came last month, and the news was bad,” reporter Anthony Mason said on the September 13 “Evening News.” The Clavons’ interest rate went from 6.5 percent to 9.5 percent. “So the payments on their $275,000 mortgage have soared from $1,450 to more than $2,200 a month,” Mason said. But the Clavons should have known their rate was going to adjust... continue reading
Times Watch director Clay Waters appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to discuss the New York Times offering cheap ad space to to bash General Petraeus as a betrayer of his country. Fox News Channel's Gretchen Carlson told Waters the Times now claims they offer this discount rate for advocacy groups and for ads that float without a scheduled publication date. Waters said that "sounds plausible, but the thing is the ad itself, you read the ad itself, it says, 'Today will General Petraeus become General Betray Us?' which indicates it's a pretty specific time frame. And generally,... continue reading