Saturday's lead editorial celebrated Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize for his work on "global warming," " A Prize for Mr. Gore and Science ." Before the praise, the Times stopped to spout misstatements on Gore's effort to overturn the 2000 election results. "One can generate a lot of heartburn thinking about all of the things that would be better about this country and the world if the Supreme Court had done the right thing and ruled for Al Gore instead of George W. Bush in 2000. Mr. Gore certainly hasn't let his disappointment stop him from putting the time since... continue reading
Last Friday, President Bush bestowed the first Medal of Honor of Operation Enduring Freedom to Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy for heroism in Afghanistan. Peter Hegseth has the details at National Review Online's military blog The Tank , from the heroic to the pathetic: "Surrounded by over 50 Taliban fighters, Lt. Murphy's four-man reconnaissance patrol was pinned down and in need of support. In order to save his fellow SEALs, Lt. Murphy, who was already wounded, crawled into the open to radio for help, further exposing himself to enemy fire. He was killed, but only after successfully calling for help,... continue reading
TV Newser reports "NBC News has released details of Matt Lauer 's weekend interview with Sen. Larry Craig . The interview will air in a Matt Lauer Reports special tomorrow night at 8pm ET on NBC and on the Today show Wednesday morning." The airport bathroom sting, worthy of prime time? Did NBC take Patrick Kennedy's Ambien Driving Tour into prime time? Will NBC have a prime-time interview with Rep. William Jefferson on his bribe money in the freezer? Lauer doesn't usually show up in prime time unless he's interviewing Britney Spears. How can the NBC News folks not look... continue reading
If you haven’t heard – Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Based on the media coverage, if that is news to you, you should probably crawl out from under your rock. However, Gore is sharing the award with the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – a group that describes itself as having a role to assess “information relevant to understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change” and claims to be “comprehensive, objective, open and transparent.” But according to David Henderson, a former chief economist of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),... continue reading
Japan-based reporter Norimitsu Onishi in April 2006 blamed "Reaganism" for "a social cost that Japan's more 127 million residents are just beginning to grasp." Continuing the liberal theme, Onishi's Friday story" Japan Welfare: A Slow Death, A Harsh Light " blamed a tighter welfare system for three starvation deaths in Japan. "In a thin notebook discovered along with a man's partly mummified corpse this summer was a detailed account of his last days, recording his hunger pangs, his drop in weight and, above all, his dream of eating a rice ball, a snack sold for about $1 in convenience stores... continue reading
Alleged "economics" columnist Paul Krugman took some more dictation from the left-wing netroots for his Friday op-ed on the now-infamous case of 12-year-old Graeme Frost, who delivered the Democratic response to Bush's radio address last week campaigning for expansion of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP). As is his usual, Krugman's commentary was just a slightly more polished but no less partisan version of what's been perking for days on left-blogs. From " Sliming Graeme Frost ," Krugman's latest cut-and-paste job: "First, some background. The Frosts and their four children are exactly the kind of people S-chip was intended... continue reading
New York Times media reporter Jacques Steinberg picked up criticism of CBS reporter Rita Braver's Sunday Morning interview on October 7 with vice presidential wife Lynne Cheney and her continuous conflict of interest with super-lawyer husband Bob Barnett in Thursday's newspaper. But Steinberg allowed Braver to suggest something untrue: that she has "stayed away" from Clinton interviews after her husband's legal work for the Clintons in the White House years: "From September 1993 to August 1997, for example, Ms. Braver covered the Clinton White House; Mr. Barnett recused himself from any legal work related to the Clintons. Since then, Ms... continue reading
Nobel Prize contenders aren’t supposed to campaign for the award. Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore didn’t need to because he had the media doing it for him for at least a year-and-a-half. Nobel Prize contenders aren’t supposed to campaign for the award. Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore didn’t need to because he had the media doing it for him for at least a year-and-a-half. The award he shared with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) put Gore in the ranks of people like President Theodore Roosevelt, Mother Teresa, Lech Walesa and Martin Luther King. But none of... continue reading
The Miller Lite people have a new ad featuring beer drinkers being instructed by a pro-sports-type commissioner in etiquette for the “More Taste League.” But the entity needing a “More Taste” lesson is the Miller Brewing Company itself. Last year, Miller infuriated opponents of illegal immigration when the Chicago Tribune reported it paid $30,000 for a convention and newspaper ads publicizing a march of illegal-alien advocates to protest against Speaker Dennis Hastert's congressional office in Batavia , Illinois . Consumers launched a national boycott. Apparently Miller learned nothing. What the brewing giant has now done is far more offensive. Now... continue reading
Don’t be concerned about what liberal Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton thinks about specific issues – she’ll let you know when she think it’s time for you to know. Clinton appeared on the October 11 CNBC “Street Signs” to discuss economic issues with CNBC Washington correspondent John Harwood and “Street Signs” anchor Erin Burnett. Harwood asked Clinton to respond to a comment made by GOP presidential nominee frontrunner Rudy Giuliani: “Hillary Clinton … wants to put a lid on us. She wants to put a lid on our growth. We want to give people freedom.” “Well, obviously I disagree profoundly,”... continue reading