ABC Devotes 15 Minutes to Softball Obama Profile, Highlights Questions from Drew Brees, D-Wade

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on Friday conducted a softball, light-hearted interview with Barack Obama, devoting 15 minutes to the President and even included questions from sports ...

Chris Matthews: Weiner Press Conference 'Sort of Like the Hanging of Saddam Hussein'

Chris Matthews came up with a bizarre analogy on Thursday, suggesting that Anthony Weiner's resignation press conference was "sort of like the hanging of Saddam Hussein." While offering criticism ...

NBC: Weiner Resignation Announcement 'Showed Much of His Strength as a Congressman'

During Thursday's NBC News special coverage of New York Congressman Anthony Weiner announcing his resignation, congressional correspondent Kelly O'Donnell remarked to Nightly News anchor Brian ...

Pop-Up Times Ad for Anti-Mormon Musical Centers on Times Rave Review

Clicking to the Arts page on the Times website might bring you a pop-up ad for The Book of Mormon - and Ben Brantley's gooey praise.

Brian Williams Skips Vindication of Scott Walker's Union Law, Finds Time for Spider-Man

In a combined ten hours of programming, Wednesday, the networks devoted a mere 41 seconds to an important ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that allowed Scott Walker's collective bargaining ...

Obama Blames High Unemployment on ATMs, Media Shrug Off Gaffe

On the June 14 edition of NBC's Today, President Barack Obama ascribed part of the blame for the high unemployment rate to ATMs, yet most media outlets continue to ignore the gaffe.

CNN Projects Bachmann as GOP 'Star'...Who 'Doesn't Stand a Chance'

Tuesday's CNN Newsroom acknowledged Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann as a "rising star" in the GOP, but moved quickly to write her off as an extremist. "As far as the general election ...

ABC Uniquely Highlights Report Showing Obama Worse than Bush on Paying Off Donors

Wednesday's World News on ABC led with a report from the left-leaning Center for Public Integrity documenting Barack Obama's failure to meet his promise to "change" politics as usual and thus not ...

Media Ignore Labor Attacks on Catholic Colleges

National Labor Relations Board Declare Manhattan and Xavier Colleges 'Lack Substantial Religious Character,' to Force Unionization

Obama Backs EPA War on Coal, While Networks Ignore Harm to Industry

Major utility announces proposal to retire power plants, layoff workers and spend billions to comply with 'pending' regulations.