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On Martha's Vineyard, 'Miss Me Yet?' Bush T-Shirts Outselling 'I Vacationed with Obama' Ones

Picking up on a nugget surprisingly included in a Wednesday Boston Globe article, on Thursday night FNC's Bret Baier reported in his "Grapevine" segment: "President Bush is apparently more popular ...

CNN Continues to Promote 'Islamophobia' Accusation From Time

CNN's T. J. Holmes brought back Time's Bobby Ghosh on Friday's Newsroom for more promotion of his "Islamophobia" cover story, and added two Muslim guests who largely agreed with his thesis that ...

Joe Scarborough Predicts 'Certain Networks' Will 'Maul' Haley Barbour If He Runs in 2012

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough strongly believes certain networks would play the race card against southern Republican Haley Barbour, if he runs for President in 2012. Scarborough predicted on Thursday's ...

Andrea Mitchell Wistfully Yearns for Ted Kennedy's Presence In Passing Liberal Legislation

On Friday's edition of MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports, Mitchell brought on the Boston Globe's Peter Canellos to pine for the widow of Ted Kennedy, Vicki, to challenge Republican Scott Brown for ... Uses Hot-Button Issue to Gin Up Base Against Target

Liberal organization urges gay marriage proponents to boycott Target, motivate liberal voters to participate in Minnesota election.

Like Father Like Son, NBC's Today Show Covers Ben Quayle Like He's a Joke

NBC's Kelly O'Donnell, in a story aired on Friday's Today show, traveled to Arizona to profile Republican Ben Quayle's run for Congress and in the process gave Dan Quayle's son the same sort of ...

George Stephanopoulos Actually Grills Dem Politician on Ethics Violations

George Stephanopoulos on Friday showed that it is possible to force a Democratic politician to answer tough questions. The ABC host grilled Maxine Waters over allegations that she misused her ...

ABC Portrays For-Profit Colleges as Schoolyard Bullies

'Nightline' follows government marching orders and attacks for-profits, never question inflating public university subsidies

CNN Veteran Andrew Breslau Takes Helm at Far-Left Nation Institute

Andrew Breslau, who for eight years ending in 2006 toiled at CNN "as a senior manager and producer," has been named President of New York City-based The Nation Institute, affiliated with the ...

The David Brooks Route to PBS: Douthat Finds the Right Crude and Xenophobic on Ground Zero

Times columnist Ross Douthat gets on public television to pronounce the X-word against conservatives - and then gets in a lick or two at the Ground Zero Imam.