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Michael Moore: 'Good Thing for Dems' That Conservative Dems 'Thrown Out of Office'

Appearing as a guest on Friday's Larry King Live on CNN, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore claimed that a "silver lining" for the Democratic Party in their election losses is that conservative ...

Roland Martin on CNN: Sarah Palin is the 'Kim Kardashian of Politics'

Roland Martin brought his full-blown Palin Derangement Syndrome to Friday's Anderson Cooper 360, labeling the former Alaska governor "the Kim Kardashian of politics." Martin continued that Palin ...

Friedman Admits He Deliberately Exaggerates China Threat

New York Times columnist paints doom and gloom scenario for U.S., place onus on GOP for so-called 'bipartisan' action.

Scarborough: Palin Is To Blame for GOP Failure In Capturing Senate

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough blames Sarah Palin for the GOP's failure to capture the Senate because of her efforts in drafting candidates who were defeated in Delaware and Nevada. "But for Sarah Palin, ...

Ted Koppel Compares Cable News to Bernie Madoff, Hypes His 'Nonpartisan Sadness'

Former Nightline host Ted Koppel will use an op-ed appearing in Sunday's Washington Post to compare the current state of cable news to financial swindler Bernie Madoff and to express "nonpartisan ...

Left-Winger Tina Brown Heads Daily Beast/Newsweek Merger; A List of Her Liberal Rantings

On her webstie, The Daily Beast, on Thursday, editor-in-chief Tina Brown joyously announced the "wedding" of the left-leaning blog with the equally liberal Newsweek magazine: "Some weddings take ...

Times Watch Quotes of Note - Voters 'Don't Want' GOP to Stop Obama-care for Fear of 'Gridlock'

Also, Frank Rich warns that the radical right's anger will target "gays, Latinos and Muslims," and conservatives lie about vote fraud.

Media Ignores Pro-Obama Merchandise in Hamas-controlled Gaza

Souvenir shop products could indicate problems with Obama's approach to the peace process.

Market to Take 'One Hell of a Hit' in Mid-December if Bush Tax Cuts Expire

Tax specialist Rial Moulton tells CNBC's 'Squawk on the Street' investors will pull money out of markets to avoid taxation hit.

'Explosive' Debt Commission Recommendations Include $961 billion Tax Hikes

But only one of three evening news broadcasts report aggregate tax increase.