“On Strike; Shut it Down; Hollywood’s a Union town.” That was one of the many chants of the Hollywood writers on strike – and network news was union-friendly November 5 as reporters took the writers’ side. “The writers are up against some wealthy media conglomerates,” said ABC’s Brian Rooney on “World News with Charles Gibson.” ABC didn’t offer any view from the other side. In fact, the management – in this case, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) – had less than 10 seconds total to respond in the CBS and NBC stories. Not only was it... continue reading
In an editorial with the misleadingly bland title " Legal Loopholes in Iraq ," the Times editorial page took a leap into left-wing logic Monday, referring to private security contractors like Blackwater as "mercenaries." "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice refers to the lack of legal accountability that allows mercenaries working for the American government to kill Iraqis without fear of prosecution as 'a lacuna' in our law." The editorial writer seemed determined to rub readers' faces with the word, using it three times in a short editorial, even though "private contractors" would have been more accurate and less inflammatory. "Baghdad's... continue reading
Author Peter Richmond insisted in his November 4 Parade magazine article, “A Better Way to Travel?” that with Americans stuck in traffic jams and airport security lines and made to suffer through flight delays, another government program could save the day: Amtrak. “One solution is staring us in the face,” Richmond asserted. “Many transportation experts insist that the best answer to transportation gridlock is efficient intercity rail travel.” Richmond boasted that Amtrak commuter numbers were “up for the fifth year in a row, reaching record levels,” and in the Northeast, where Amtrak introduced faster trains, the number of commuters between... continue reading
Saturday's lead Business Day story by Michael Grynbaum took the latest very strong jobs report and managed to wring out every caveat it could (" Despite Gain In Jobs Data, Wall Street Is Skeptical ") based on future hypothetical concerns about housing and energy prices. "A robust employment report offered investors a pleasant surprise yesterday, but some thought it was too good to be true. "The economy added 166,000 jobs in October, the fastest pace in five months, the Labor Department said. But anxious investors cast doubt on the report and sent stock markets down much of the day as... continue reading
Slow news day? A report that bombastic left-wing talk show host Rosie O'Donnell maydo a prime-time show on the cable network MSNBC merited front-page placement at the Times. Media reporter Jacques Steinberg's " Cable Channel Nods to Ratings And Leans Left " actually ended up being more of an excuse to talk about MSNBC's resident ranter and left-wing hero, Keith Olbermann, host of the talk show "Countdown With Keith Olbermann," and to compare the anti-Bush rants of Olbermann and fellow host Chris Matthews to Fox News. "Riding a ratings wave from 'Countdown With Keith Olbermann,' a program that takes strong... continue reading
It's been quite a media week for the pro-life message, which is the consummate expression of personal responsibility. The Washington Post on November 6 th gave Page One treatment to the story of a Virginia teen who successfully petitioned her school board to allow a Pro-Life club to meet at her high school. On November 5 th ABC's World News with Charles Gibson featured a story about a medical breakthrough that allows pregnant women with breast cancer to continue their pregnancies while receiving chemotherapy. And Bella , the little independent pro-life movie, continued to make her voice heard. Bella came... continue reading
It feels like morning in America again. The Culture and Media Institute doesn't usually go in for labor strikes, but in Hollywood 's case we're happy to make an exception. It isn't every day the industry spearheading the destruction of the culture shuts itself down. Yes, destroying the culture. According to CMI's National Cultural Values Survey, 73 percent of Americans believe Hollywood is harming America 's moral values. A Hollywood strike is good news, like finding out the neighborhood mugger just got thrown in the clink. This strike provides a wonderful opportunity for Americans to reflect on what they've been... continue reading
" It's Not Whether to Kill, but How " by occasional contributor Elizabeth Weil in the Sunday Week in Review contained a passage portraying Americans as simplistic and vengeful when it comes to the death penalty. "The history of capital punishment in the United States has been filled with a peripatetic search for a method of killing that doesn't offend a blood-thirsty , yet tough-on-crime, yet squeamish public. Nooses, if the drop is too short, leave bodies twitching; if the drop is too long, heads pop off. Electric chairs result in horrible odors and burns. Firing squads are too violent... continue reading
Sunday's lead story dealt with the crackdown by Pakistan military leader Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who declared a state of emergency over the weekend and is moving to detain leaders of the opposition and rights advocates - " Pakistani Sets Emergency Rule, Defying The U.S. " The Times peered through Bush-centric optics to conclude: "Ms. Bhutto returned to Pakistan on Oct. 18 for the first time in eight years under a plan that the Bush administration had hoped would bring a democratic sheen to the country even as it continued under the rule of General Musharraf. That plan now lies in... continue reading
Public Editor Clark Hoyt's Sunday column, " Civil Discourse, Meet the Internet ," delivered some piping hot news, circa year 2000: Web comments can often be rude and crude. "WARNING: This column contains rude and objectionable language not normally found in the pages of this newspaper but seen surprisingly often on its Web site. "As The New York Times transforms itself into a multimedia news and information platform - the printed newspaper plus a robust offering breaking news, blogs, interactive graphics, video and more - it is struggling with a vexing problem. How does the august Times, which has... continue reading