The Times Gets Tautological with Tom DeLay

Huh? "Mr. DeLay, the Texas Republican who had been the House majority leader, crowed that he had been 'found innocent.' But many of Mr. DeLay's actions remain legal only because lawmakers have ...

Gassed: Pump Prices Fall Well Short of Media Predictions

ABC, CBS, NBC touted $3 summer average yet gas prices never hit 'expert' prediction.

NBC's Chuck Todd Projects 'Democrats Are In Deep, Deep Trouble'

If Democrats weren't nervous about November's midterm elections yet, they could soon be, especially when you consider that even their allies in the liberal media are starting to forecast doom for ...

ABC Singles Out 'Hard-line, Tea Party Conservative,' Ignores Antics of Florida Democratic Candidate

Good Morning America's Jon Karl on Tuesday characterized a Republican senatorial candidate in Alaska as a "hard-line, Tea Party conservative" and someone who "has also been known to attract ...

Anti-Mosque Protesters Guilty of Fomenting Muslim Extremism, Says the NYT

Scott Shane raises the stakes, accusing Newt Gingrich and others of fomenting radicalism overseas by their opposition to the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero.

Frank Rich Hits Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire as 'Islamophobia Command Center'

Frank Rich complains that the "Islamophobia command center" of Rupert Murdoch's media empire (including Fox News, the New York Post, and the Wall Street Journal) has been spreading lies about the ...

Time's Mark Halperin: 9/11 Families Need to Be Led Through a Discussion About the Ground Zero Mosque

Time magazine's Mark Halperin engaged in the ultimate condescension on Monday, arguing that families of 9/11 victims need to be guided by others into the Ground Zero mosque debate. "For the ...

On Letterman, Brian Williams Cheers 'Fruits' of 'Clinton Economy' and Ridicules Tea Party

Appearing on the Late Show on Monday night, NBC anchor Brian Williams bizarrely asserted "we're still enjoying the fruits really of the Clinton economy," claimed Tea Party activists who say "we ...

The Real Moderate Islam: Media Ignore Muslim Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque

Mosque critics Miss USA, Zhudi Jasser and Al-Arabiya director disregarded by networks.

The Perfect HuffPo Entry: Liberal Condescension and Anti-Reagan Revisionism

Lefty list of 'overrated' figures combines snobbery with untruth.