If Ben Stein watched CNN's “Democratic Candidates Compassion Forum” Sunday night, he may be considering a sequel to his forthcoming movie: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The sequel will be Expelled II: The Search for Potential Life. There's no intelligence here either. MEACHAM: Senator, do you believe personally that life begins at conception? CLINTON : I believe that the potential for life begins at conception. I am a Methodist, as you know. My church has struggled with this issue. In fact, you can look at the Methodist Book of Discipline and see the contradiction and the challenge of trying to sort... continue reading
Newsweek's April 21 edition contains a gift to every parent who has a kid who plays video games, watches movies, listens to music or consumes any other kind of entertainment media. In an article titled “The Game-Ratings Game,” Newsweek's resident geek, N'Gai Croal, uses the upcoming release of the video game Grand Theft Auto IV to alert parent-readers to a new company called What They Like ( The company “provides detailed information to parents about the content of their kids' favorite entertainment.” Not whether the entertainment is good as most typical reviews go, but actually a detailed description of... continue reading
CosmoGirl! is a great resource to find out which lip gloss looks best with your prom dress, but it fails miserably as a religious guide. In the May 2008 article “Religion by Design,” author Marina Khidekel does not give any indication that she understands the essence of religion: the acknowledgement of a Being greater than the individual, the community, and any earthly concern, who revealed His will to humanity in holy books. Instead, Khidekel reduces religion to personal preference, endorsing the phenomenon of teens moving away from the organized religion of their families and creating their own belief systems by... continue reading
First she wanted no more cancelled flights. Now Meredith Vieira’s asking for a “guarantee” against higher airfares. Unfortunately, despite her $10-million annual salary, according to the April 13 Parade Magazine, NBC “Today” host Vieira has difficulty reporting on business practices in a free market. In an interview with Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL) CEO Richard Anderson, she asked for a “guarantee” that fares would not increase and services would not be reduced after a merger between Delta and Northwest Airlines (NYSE: NWA). “I was just going to ask if you could guarantee your consumers that you would not reduce their... continue reading
It takes a big man to admit he’s wrong, but as a columnist for one of the nation’s top newspapers, Paul Krugman shouldn’t have been wrong in the first place. Krugman’s April 11 New York Times column reused a story about an Ohio woman named Trina Bachtel, whom liberal Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton used in a speech promoting her candidacy for president. “Not long ago, a young Ohio woman named Trina Bachtel, who was having health problems while pregnant, tried to get help at a local clinic,” Krugman wrote. “Unfortunately, she had previously sought care at the same clinic while... continue reading
" Economy Ailing, Frustrated Italy Picks Berlusconi " is theless than triumphantheadline to Ian Fisher's Tuesday off-lead marking the political comeback of media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, all but certain to become prime minister of Italy for the third time. The Times' past coverage of Berlusconi, a Bush admirer and leader of a center-right coalition, has been possibly more hostile than that of the Communist dictator, paranoid and clown, Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez . You can almost hear the regret in Fisher's dispatch from Rome: Silvio Berlusconi, the idiosyncratic billionaire who already dominates much of Italy's public life, snatched back political... continue reading
The big bad scary airline merger – it’s the way the media have portrayed the announced merger between Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines. Each of the three networks gave little or no upside to this merger. The worst offender was ABC’s April 14 “World News with Charles Gibson.” “It’s an unsettled time in the skies – planes grounded, flights cancelled, spiraling ticket prices,” ABC correspondent Lisa Stark said. “And now, things could get even more complicated. Delta (NYSE: DAL) operates 1,500 flights a day with hubs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York and Salt Lake City. Northwest (NYSE: NWA) –... continue reading
Pope Benedict XVI is coming to America this week, and the Times is bracing itself. The bias begins with the headline to Sunday's front-page piece by Ian Fisher and Laurie Goodstein, " Hard-Liner With Soft Touch Reaches Out to U.S. Flock ." With some condescension, the Times suggeststhat the Popehas some perfectly admirable qualities besides his reputation for "doctrinal hardness" that's hard to digest. (Fisher profiled the new pope in April 2005 and seemed surprised by his personal warmth of a man with "so fierce a reputation.") Americans often tuck their leaders into tidy boxes of conservative or liberal, charismatic... continue reading
John McCain not only surprised and pleased many with his hands-off stand against government intervention in the home mortgage "crisis," he broke through the liberal media's fascination with Obama-Clinton, but at a cost - the Times' front-page story from March 26 was notably unsympathetic, relaying only criticism from his Democratic opponents. Hillary's plan, by contrast, had been warmly received by the Times the day before. Late last week McCain pivoted toward calling for more federal help for struggling homeowners, and the Times took another bite, in " McCain Shifts on Aid to Some Mortgage Holders ," Friday's piece by reporter... continue reading
There is just no way one person can cover the amount of media bias being heaped into the coverage of Pope Benedict's visit to America . With gracious acknowledgement to my colleagues at NewsBusters and TimesWatch, here's a look at how the mainstream media have put the liberal secular spin on the pontiff's trip over the past three days. Sunday, April 13: The New York Times headline read “Hard-Liner with Soft Touch Reaches out to U.S. Flock.” Clay Waters noted that the Times condescendingly suggested that while the Pope has some admirable qualities, his reputation for “doctrinal hardness” is hard... continue reading