Ugh: NYT Celebrates Fashion Sense of March Rioters in London

The Times asks of the March riots in London protesting reductions in government education spending: "What do you wear when protest and mayhem rock your world?"

Networks Barely Criticize Obama's Disastrous 'Green Jobs' Policies

Criticism excluded from 92 percent of network news reports, despite bankruptcies of federally subsidized companies.

Surprise! New Fall TV Lineup Heavy on Sex

Networks turn to one night stands, playboy bunnies and the immature hookup culture to draw viewers this autumn.

Davey Condescends to Conservative Govs in Wisconsin, Ohio, Insists Bipartisanship Calls Are Phony

"...there are signs that the same Republicans see a need to show, at least publicly, a desire to play well with others....critics dismiss the moves as desperate attempts to shore up sinking ...

Hypocritical Matthews Slams 'Nasty' Perry's Attacks on Obama

On his syndicated program, Sunday, Chris Matthews slammed Rick Perry for being too "nasty" to Barack Obama. The liberal host also wondered if the fact that Perry is not a Mormon gives southerners ...

Great Minds Think Alike? NYT Runs Similar Heds, Pics at Front of Two Separate Sections

Are headline writers for the Sunday New York Times suffering some summer creative doldrums?

NBC's Guthrie Urges Obama 'Go for Broke' with New Stimulus

In an interview with former press secretary and current Obama campaign advisor Robert Gibbs on Sunday's Meet the Press, substitute host Savannah Guthrie pushed the President from the left: "If the ...

In Midst of Obamamania Media Journalists Fret Obama Victim of the 'Worst PR Machine in History'

President Barack Obama continues to benefit from a fawning media of which past Presidents could only dream, yet on Sunday's This Week two journalists fretted he's not getting enough credit for his ...

CBS's O'Donnell Contends Perry's Views on Global Warming and Social Security Make Him Unelectable

CBS's Norah O'Donnell, filling in on Face the Nation, just couldn't comprehend how a candidate espousing true conservative views could possibly capture the White House. Referring to Rick Perry, ...

Actress/Singer Alicia Witt Sticks with Obama Who Gave Her 'Passion' for America

Actress/singer Alicia Witt, who came to semi-fame playing Cybill Shepherd's teenage daughter "Zoey" on the late 1990s CBS sit-com Cybill, traveled to Washington, DC this past week, which she told ...