Will Mike Hale's Review of 'My Lai' Documentary Compare It to Iraq, Afghanistan? Of Course

TV critic Mike Hale reviewed PBS's latest "American Experience" presentation on the Vietnam War's My Lai massacre in "A Dark Day That Still Resonates" for Monday's edition.

The slaughter of hundreds of unarmed villagers in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam, in March 1968 - an event that came to be known as the My Lai massacre - is both an open wound in the American psyche and a cautionary tale at a time when we are once again fighting wars, and killing civilians, on foreign soil.

Hale predictably liked Barak Goodman's documentary. His reviews favor potted histories from off PBS's government-funded production line, especially left-wing public affairs series like Frontline. Glenn Beck simulcasts? Not so much. Never hesitant to work in his political opinions into his reviews, Hale has also embraced European-style nationalized health care as clearly superior to the U.S. version (until Obama-care kicks in, anyway).