Why Is John Edwards No Longer on the NYT's VP List?

Democrat John Edwards, the party's vice presidential candidate in 2004, has toppled off the Times' page of potential candidates for vice president.

The page by political reporters Adam Nagourney and Jeff Zeleny (critiqued by Times Watch) was originally posted aroundJuly 7 and has been updated as events have warranted - for instance, a profile of Sen. Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, was removed after he publicly withdrew his name from consideration for a vice president slot.

So what could have been the reasoning behind removing John Edwards' name from a list of Obama's potential Veeps? Edwards hasn't said anything about not wanting to serve - in fact, Edwards for some reason has been rather scarce in public of late.

Could this be a detection of what Mickey Kaus calls "dark matter" - some circumstance unacknowledged by the mainstream media yet exerting an invisible pull on press coverage?