Waters Appears on FNC's Cavuto Show, Discusses Saddam Execution Coverage

Times Watch director Clay Waters appeared again Thursday on Fox's "Your World with Neil Cavuto" to discuss the Times week-long lament over what they consider the distressing and lawless execution of Saddam Hussein. Waters was joined by James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation.

Here's an excerpt from the transcript, courtesy of the MRC's Tim Graham, who posted it on NewsBusters Thursday afternoon.

"But what struck me was the tone of the coverage. It could not give him Bush or the U.S. a single positive thing out of it. Even Slate, which is no one's idea of a right-wing rag, they said 'a distinct strain of grudging admiration' that ran through the Times coverage of Hussein's trip to the gallows.' And if Slate says it, there must be something fairly obvious about the Times."

Graham also posted video clips from the segment: Real (2.39 MB)or Windows (2 MB) Plus MP3 (948 KB)