Virginia Tech Massacre Only Happened Because of the "Gun Lobby"

The Times' muted push for gun control in the wake of the Virginia Tech murders advanced on Thursday's editorial page with "Guns and More Guns."

Whileemploying the liberal trope of blaming guns themselves, as opposed to the wicked people who misuse them, for the massacre, the editorial concluded with an unsupported claim that the "gun lobby" is to blame for what happened at Virginia Tech:

"Those gun advocates who believe that the Second Amendment confers the right to carry a gun in public are quick to point out that they are law-abiding, decent citizens trying to protect themselves and their families in a world gone mad. But, of course, the guns can't tell the difference. Arming more people would be a recipe for disaster.

"True safety lies in the civility of society, in laws that publicly protect all of our rights and in having law-enforcement officers who are trained in the use of deadly force, then authorized to apply it in rationally defined situations. It is the gun lobby's incessant efforts to weaken the gun laws that makes a tragedy like the one at Virginia Tech possible."