Using Left-Wing Talking Points to Push Reporter's 9-11 Book

Times investigative reporter's Philip Shenon's new book "The Commission - The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation," is being advertised as a left-wing expose.The bookcomes courtesy of the publisher Twelve, which has a roster of left-leaning books and authors like Christopher Hitchens, Robert Scheer, Mark Penn,as well asTed Kennedy's upcoming autobiography.

Shenon talked about the book on National Public Radio, emphasizing the lucid warnings about terror threats before 9-11from Clinton partisans like Richard Clarke and the disgraced Sandy Berger, contrasting that with the apparent bull-headedness and slow reaction of the Bush administration. Twelve is certainly emphasizing left-wing talking points in its sales pitch, including this text from the ad in Sunday's New York Times Book Review:

Veteran New York Times journalist Philip Shenon's groundbreaking investigation reveals:

· The secret relationship between Karl Rove and the executive director of the Commission.

· How the Commission was used to justify the invasion of Iraq

· How Vice President Cheney tried to pressure the Commission to change its assessment of his actions on 9/11

· Why the Commission did not expose Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's egregious errors in preparing New York City for terrorism