The "Ultra-Conservative" Paul Weyrich an "Unbending Ideologue"

Reporter Bruce Weber's obituary Friday for Paul Weyrich, one of the founders of the modern conservative movement, relied on unflattering ideological tags, including "ultra-conservative." The Times has previously used that adjective to describe politicians in Iran andSaudi Arabia - and Times Watch's parent organization, the Media Research Center.

A writer, a lobbyist and an organizer on behalf of conservative causes and especially social conservatism, Mr. Weyrich (pronounced WY-rick) was one of the far right's most unbending ideologues. He was widely credited with coining the phrase "moral majority" as a rallying label for social conservatives. It became the name of the religion-based political organization that was led by the Rev. Jerry Falwell.

A deacon in the ultra-conservative Melkite Greek Catholic Church, Mr. Weyrich openly fused his faith and his politics.

A Nexis search indicates that no Times reporter in the last five years has used the term "ultra-liberal" to describe a politician or political group. And Tim Graham at NewsBusters wonders why the Times can never be generous to conservatives even in death.