TV Review Slams Glenn Beck Supporters as Racist

While describing a scene at the top of her Monday review of the FX drama "Sons of Anarchy," Ginia Bellafante dropped an arbitrary slam at Glenn Beck fans.

"We are separatists, not supremacists," the sedately spoken businessman says. "We are God-fearing patriots. And in a time when black radicals are in power in this country, we are desperately trying to remind our citizens of their founding beliefs."

Those words belong not to a fringe politico at a Glenn Beck rally but to a fictitious professional racist, ably played by Adam Arkin, during the second season of "Sons of Anarchy," the producer Kurt Sutter's depiction of outlaw biker life in a Northern California beleaguered by ethnic factionalism and a pervasive air of peril.

In the past Bellafante has used her Times television review perch to (twice) excoriate libertarian economist Milton Friedman and bizarrely likened Nazism to "extreme capitalism" in a discussion of the ABC show "Lost."

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