TV Critic Thinks Nazism Just "Extreme Capitalism"

Ginia Bellafante's review of the ABC hit "Lost," which concludes its fourth season tonight, included this deluded note of praise.

As "Lost" bloggers have noted, the publicist, Karen Decker, shares her surname with a Nazi propagandist, Will Decker. It is one of the show's many pleasures that it revels in such indictments of extreme capitalism.

Besides the dubious speculation on the meaning of "Decker," Bellafante's assertion is historically ignorant.What did Nazism, i.e. National Socialism, haveto do with free markets?

National Review's Jonah Goldberg, who actually knows the difference between Nazism and capitalism (having written a #1 New York Times best-seller called "Liberal Fascism")simply sighs.

This isn't the first time Bellafante has used her critical perch to launch a strangeattack on capitalism or capitalists. When PBS ran a positive documentary on the recently deceased libertarian Nobel Prize Winner economist Milton Friedman in January 2007, she bashed Friedman's "free-market absolutism" and actually blamed him for his work in helping to end the military draft.