TV Critic Sniffs Out Pro-Life Message in NBC's "Journeyman"

Occasional TV critic Ginia Bellafantejustcouldn'tkeep politics out of her review of new NBC action-drama "Journeyman," which made its debut Monday night. The first episode of "Journeyman" featured Dan, an accidental time-traveler and hero of the story, convincing a woman not to abort her child, which Bellafante finds provacative. In her Monday review of the show (avoiding spoilers), Bellafante sniffed:

"What hangs in the balance is never the fate of the world, or even just the possible aversion of a major crisis. Dan doesn't find himself in 1977 to alter the course of the New York City blackout. He arrives to make meaningful differences in ordinary lives, prompting women (in the first two episodes, at least) into the kind of uncompromised moral decisions that would not put him out of favor with the Christian right. From these decisions come the ripple effects by which other lives are saved. We don't know how Dan has received his special skill, but we can guess that it wasn't bestowed by the National Organization for Women."