Timothy Egan Goes to Olympics, Praises Canadian Care, Smears 'Heartless' Health Insurers

In his latest posting, "Allez Canada!" liberal reporter turned nytimes.com blogger Timothy Egan uses the Winter Olympics in Vancouver to praise Canada for - you guessed it - universal health care. He encouraged Canada to take more pride in such socialist achievements, while turning around Sarah Palin's argument to accuse U.S. health insurers of having a "death panel quality."

Why the prodding? Why the lack of self-esteem? Canada - snap out of it! You're gorgeous, baby, you're sophisticated, you live well. No need for an apology.

There are more people in California, at 38 million, than in all of Canada, with about 34 million. But if Canada were the 51st state, they would be on the American medals podium nightly: Their murder rate is just a third that of the United States. They have universal health care, and while the system prompts much grumbling, it works for most people - without the death panel quality of America's heartless private insurers.

And when our financial system caused the world economy to tank because of reckless deregulation, Canada's banks were steady as they go, boring and mostly healthy.