The Times Trumpets Yet Another Tiny Illegal Immigrant Protest

Immigration-beat reporter Julia Preston wrote another long (1168 words) story marking another yet another small, silly protest (by "dozens of college students") in favor of illegal immigrant students in support of the Dream Act for Tuesday: "Students Spell Out Messages on Their Immigration Frustration."

Dozens of college students lay down on South Beach on Sunday afternoon, but not to sunbathe. Most were immigrants in this country illegally, and their bodies, fully clothed, formed giant letters that spelled out a message for Floridians and one of their senators, complete with a human exclamation point: Call [Fla. Sen. George] LeMieux!

(The Times is notorious for covering tiny illegal immigrant marches consisting of four or five people while ignoring or downplaying massive protests by the March for Life or the Tea Party.)

The students staged the surfside demonstration after Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, announced last week that he would add to a military spending bill an amendment that would open a path to legal status for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant students. Senator George LeMieux, a Republican, has not declared his position, and the students hoped to secure his support for the measure, which will be put to a first test on Tuesday with a procedural vote.

David Herszenhorn had a related profile on Wednesday of illegal immigrant college student Cesar Vargas, "Passion and Politics on Immigration Act."

Democrat Mickey Kaus stated his objection to the Dream Act back in 2007. After voicing doubts about enforcement, he noted:

Even were it restricted to its core purpose - compassionate treatment for eager students brought into the country by their parents when they were young - it would inherently create an incentive for further illegal border crossing (namely by telling potential illegals to bring their kids across the border when they are young).