Times Still Piling on With Hometown Insults of Giuliani

The Times continued to put the shovel to Rudy Giuliani's political grave. The front page of Thursday's Metro section featured James Barron talking to those fabled street-smart New Yorkers about the shuttered Giuliani campaign, "They Kind of Knew It Wouldn't Work."

"Some New Yorkers asked that question on Wednesday as they pored over the totals from Florida, where Mr. Giuliani ran a distant third behind Senator John McCain and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts. Some expressed relief - others, delight - that Mr. Giuliani's campaign had imploded so rapidly."

The front of the Metro section featured three photos with captions, all down on Giuliani.

A former Bronx prosecutor said Giuliani "was draconian as a prosecutor and as a mayor" while a single mother from the South Bronx said "he made everything hard for people who needed help." A bartender near Yankee Stadium claimed, "If you don't like New Yorkers you're not going to like Giuliani." (In the article itself the bartender, John Quirk, said he was disappointed about Giuliani's defeat, a tone not suggested by the dismissive quote chosen for the photo caption.)

The only person the Times could find to support Giuliani was self-described former "criminal" Louis Duran.