Times Reporter Accuses British Press of Portraying Pakistanis as "Pack of Terrorists"

The "Saturday Profile" by Jane Perlez of Maleeha Lodhi, the high commissioner of Pakistan in Britain, featured an unusual instance of a Times reporter bashing fellow journalists (from the left, of course), when Perlez basically charged the British media with portraying British Pakistanis as "a pack of terrorists."

"'Hello London, this is Pakistan.' Maleeha Lodhi, a vision in glittery turquoise trousers and long tunic, made the introduction as she serenaded tens of thousands of British Pakistanis stretched across Trafalgar Square. The crowd, all smiles and laughter at the prospect of a Saturday afternoon of the best of Pakistan's pop, roared with approval. They came with gelled hair, spiked hair, long hair, fashionable gear, trendy sunglasses; only a few women wore the hijab to cover their hair as a sign of Muslim identity.

"As her country hovers on the precipice of chaos, Ms. Lodhi, the high commissioner of Pakistan in Britain, holds down the fort in London, working all the angles to convince the British government and public alike that British Pakistanis are normal people, with aspirations like most Britons, and not, as the British media commonly like to portray them, a pack of terrorists."

The Times could never be accused of that - in fact, the paperconsistently swerves past any discussion of the terrorist threat posed by radical Islam in the United States.