Times Political Blogger a Fan of Left-Wing PBS Omnipresence Bill Moyers

The paper's political blogger Kate Phillips is apparently a fan of left-wing PBS millionaire Bill Moyers. Phillips says that "Capitol Crimes," his new documentary about Congress airing tonight, is TIVO-worthy: "If your television is turned on Wednesday night, (not only for the premiere of 'Lost'), Bill Moyers begins a new limited series of investigative reports on PBS with 'Capitol Crimes,' which focuses on the Abramoff lobbying scandal and other matters. We feel as though it might feel like a repeat of the past season on the Hill, since we lived through it, but we definitely know we should TIVO it."

TheMRC's Tim Grahamlistened to aninterview with Moyers, and a preview of "Capitol Crimes," on the hard-left Pacifica radio program "Democracy Now!," in which Moyers said: ...there just is too much to report and too much to tell, at a particular time when I think we're in a - when our democratic form of government is in the most precarious state since the Depression."