The Times Makes Up More Myths About Liberal Hero Max Cleland

Max Cleland, the former Democratic senator from Georgia, was excluded from an Obama fundraiser held in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago because he is now a registered lobbyist and thus persona non grata in the Obama camp.Cleland became a hero to liberals in 2002 after losing to Saxby Chambliss after Chambliss ran an ad that featured images of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

Michael Falcone had the details in a short story on Saturday. But Falcone's print version doesn't include (h/t Michael Bates at NewsBusters) the last paragraph from Falcone's post on the Times' political blog, which forwarded one of the false liberal claims about the commercial that likely cost Cleland his Senate seat.

As a surrogate for Senator John Kerry during the 2004 presidential campaign, Mr. Cleland often got marquee billing at campaign events, even landing a coveted speaking role at the Democratic National Convention. He lost his bid for a second term in 2002 after a Republican television advertisement depicted him as unpatriotic.

Judging by this story and the Times' false previous coverage, no one at the Times has apparently watched the actual ad, which neither "links him" to or "pairs him" with Osama bin Laden - two claims the Times has made in the past.