The Times' "Lighthearted" Look at the War on Terror

In the "Grapevine" segment of Friday's Special Report with Brit Hume on FNC, anchor Jim Angle reported:

"The New York Times has refused to print the Pentagon's objections to an editorial asserting that the recent transfer of top al-Qaeda operatives means, quote, 'President Bush finally has some real terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.' Pentagon spokesman Dorrance Smith asked the Times for a correction, saying terrorists at the prison camp have included Osama bin Laden's personal bodyguards and al-Qaeda recruiters, and calling the paper's assessment, quote, 'unfortunate.' But the Times declined to run the letter, much less issue a correction, explaining, quote, 'The phrase in question was meant to be somewhat lighthearted in tone.'"

Nothing like a little humor when talking down the threat of terrorism, is there?