Subscription Offer From Times Watch's Sister Organization, the Business and Media Institute

As a Times Watch reader, you're interested in liberal bias - how journalists distort the news. What you may not know is that the Media Research Center offers newsletters examining bias from a variety of angles, including The Balance Sheet, from the Business and Media Institute.

A sister department of Times Watch, BMI is devoted to analyzing and exposing the anti-free enterprise culture of the media. A subscription to The Balance Sheet will deliver informed analysis of anti-free market reporting to your inbox every week. It's a must if you want to stay on top of what liberal journalists are reporting (or not reporting) about American business and the free enterprise system.

A prime example of the cogent analysis contained in The Balance Sheet is a recent report by Julia Seymour showing how the media has failed to hold the Obama administration to its promises on job growth, even while 2009 marked the highest yearly job losses on record. Seymour's report starkly reveals how crippling economic indicators that would have been trumpeted to the skies during a Republican administration are dismissed and ignored when the presidency is occupied by a Democrat.

You can sign up for the Balance Sheet here.

Clay Waters
Editor, Times Watch