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Dear Times Watch reader,

You're well aware of the Times' campaign against conservatism in America.

But bias doesn't only come from the Times. The national media are attacking all the principles the Founding Fathers viewed as important to a strong nation, including cultural values and religious beliefs. Fortunately, there is a way you can stay informed on the media bias against our nation's traditional values just as easily as you stay informed about media bias against free enterprise.

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Just as Times Watch exposes the bias of the New York Times, the Culture and Media Institute (CMI) protects and advances the social and cultural values that have made America strong.

And you can stay informed by subscribing to CMI's free weekly newsletter, Culture Links. Arriving in your e-mail inbox every week, Culture Links offers in-depth analysis of media bias against traditional social values and a round-up of the most important issues of the day.

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For example, CMI recently reported on the media's attacks on the Tea Party. Rather than engaging Tea Party demonstrators and candidates on the issues they are raising - taxes and out-of-control spending - the media have slurred them as racists and, recently, "crazy."

Culture Links provides in-depth reports exposing media bias, and links to the most current, relevant updates and analysis of the news and entertainment media's coverage of cultural issues. And, like the Times Watch newsletter, it's completely free.

The only way to fight the liberal media is to be armed with all the evidence of their bias. That why I want to encourage you to visit the Culture and Media Institute and sign up for its weekly e-mail newsletter, Culture Links.


Clay Waters, Director of Times Watch